Sunday in Barcelona – Giulietta Café.

Buenos días, world! 

This is my first post and while I am trying to organize everything a little bit I am also searching for some sort of posting routine. I am not sure where this is going and which language I´ll post in (most likely a mix, like the name obviously suggests), but for now I am thinking about creating the habit of writing each Sunday about a nice spot in Barcelona, which is my home for now.

Today, a nice brunch-breakfast-sweet heaven place: Giulietta Café

Location: Plaça de Tetuan, 4, 08010 Barcelona. It is really close to the metro and you can basically reach it easy from all over town. You can also afterwards have a nice walk to Ciutadella Park so for me the location is a big plus!

Open hours: They open every day, 08 a.m. to 08 p.m., except on Saturday and Sunday when they open a bit later, at 09 a.m.

Menu: Since today is Sunday, of course I have to mention their brunch menu, a fix-priced option at about 10 euros or so, including eggs, coffee or tea, yogurt and a nice cake to finish it off.

If you want to be free when selecting your food, they also provide multiple other options, all sorts of dishes with eggs, salads and basically almost all you can think of. Generally, the ingredients seem of high quality. and fresh. They taste like real food, that is.

The star of the menu remains the dessert section, wide, complete and tasty. Oh! Their crepes are really to die for, highly recommended. Also nice, for me at least, is that they have actual lemonade, which is quite hard to find in Barcelona. You can always make one yourself, especially when life throws lemons at you :), but it is easier to find unicorn tears around here than lemonade to buy (tip: if you ask for lemonade in Barceona, 99% of people will understand Sprite with a slice of lemon, fyi).

During the week they also have a lunch menu (never tried it myself). You can also buy coffee and cakes to go or order one for any of your special events. They have specials every day (published on their Facebook page).

Price: I would say it is on the cheap side given Barcelona standards. There is the brunch menu, very affordable especially if you are a tourist searching for a place where you do not have to sell your heart for a coffee. I would say that with around 15 euros you can charge for the day.


Recommended for: It is a cozy affordable little place, many locals, nice vibe, nice music, good food.

What to expect: I do not know yet who is reading this (if anybody reads it, that is), but just a warning: here in Barcelona there is no such thing as fast 🙂 So don´t expect the food to arrive in less than 20 minutes.

This being said, feliz domingo!

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