Sunday in Barcelona (2) – Café Sabor.

Sunday once again and here I am with a new recommendation. Even though summer officially starts here next week, when the famous and noisy Sant Joan festival takes place, I can safely say that the days are already hot, long and veeery sunny. Just a word about the summer festival, it is a beautiful idea wrapped in a lot of noise. I love all the “fiestas” here, but this one in particular is the only one I literally hate. Maybe I´ll write a bit about it, since it is rather fascinating if you see it (just) once.

Back to our summer activities, these days the best recommendations would be the beach and the ice cream places. But if you are near the Picasso museum (as you should, it is beautiful and now they have a nice exhibition called Picasso´s Kitchen. Just be prepared for many people around you, since the museum is not very big and, as we know, tourists are here now 🙂 ), I have to recommend a nice little cozy place to grab a coffee (some say it is the best we have around here), drink some sangria or just chill: Café Sabor

Location: it is just in front of the Picasso Museum, the exact address is: Barra de Ferro 7. It is a little street, like most in the area. I generally love to wander around there, just get lost in the maze. There are many small shops and now one can hide from the sun around there, which, believe me, is great.

Open hours: In the summer they are open almost always. They only close on Monday.

Menu: You can find it here. Their strong points are coffee, sangria and craft beer. They do have a small kitchen also and are pretty well-known for their tortilla (to die for), the guacamole and salads. They also have all sorts of cakes, which seem homemade. I haven´t tried any just yet, but they do seem delicious.

Price: Given the area, I think it is an average-priced place. They do have many offers, so that´s nice.

Recommended for: The coffee, the music and the vibe.

What to expect: You´ll see many locals, very friendly staff and also people from all over the world, since it is in such a hot spot for tourists. It is a very nice mix which I enjoy. sabor cafe

I recommend going just to catch your breath and charge your batteries.

Feliz domingo!

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