Four cuentos.

My #fourcuentos recommendations for today include 1 movie, 1 book, 1 action and 1 song.

I´ll start with the song, just for you to have a proper soundtrack while reading. Click play and enjoy!

The #fourcuentos book that I just finished is not the usual genre I tend to read, but it touched me like few others ever did. I have the sensation that I am the last person on Earth to have discovered this book, since it is immensely popular and as I understand there is also a movie based on it, but, hey, better late than never: “A man called Ove”, by Frederick Backman.

A tip for buying books: I use this website a lot. The prices are good and they deliver basically anywhere free of charge. The only downside is that the delivery is not very fast (being free is by normal post), but I´ll take it.

Don´t expect a complex dostoevskian narrative. This is a book that is easy to read and has a simple construction, but I think this is the most fascinating thing about it: it actually describes profound facts of life, tragedies even, in a natural and spontaneous manner. I´ll not go into details, since I absolutely hate spoilers, but I´ll just tell you that this seems to be a story about a grumpy old lonely man, but it is, in fact, in my opinion, a metaphore about tragedies that shape us. And I have to say that the book is also fuuuny! At one point I cried and laughed at the same time. So, go read it if you haven´t already!

Oh, and one of my favorite quotes is: “You only need one ray of light to chase all the shadows away” I would like to imagine that is possible…

Given the state in which the world finds itself these days, my idea is that each of us needs to act, small or big. We all need to at least try to change something, I think. I have a very diverse area of interests and I volunteer for very different organizations, but one of the central points of my actions is equality. There is a lot of work to be done and there are so many problems (and misconceptions) with this topic that I could write until tomorrow…but for now this is just background for my #fourcuentos action and movie recommendation.

The movie:

I just love how this movie fights absurd labels and just promotes love, joy and accepting each other. Give it a try, I can promise you tears, but also laughs! Which seems to be the theme for my post today 🙂

Finally, if you have not seen the Handmaid´s Tale or read the book, you should, even though it is very dark, twisted and scary. But this is reality now, also. The most recent episode was especially hard to watch, given the context of children being separated from their families, but, as I said, no spoilers. Anyway, this was just another large introduction to the #fourcuentos action. Watch this:

And then check the Equality now website, here and find out more about what they are doing and #hopelivesineveryname action. Their impact is tremendous and they actually change lives, so I encourage anyone to get involved. We simply have to!

Let´s inspire each other!

P.s. I was inspired by the featured photo, even though it does not seem linked with the subject of this post. Its title is: “Road less traveled”, which is generally a road I like to follow 🙂 Photo by Tom & Sini on Unsplash

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