So these days I feel a bit under the weather. Truly, because it was soooo hot here and between the daily sunscreen bathing, the constant sweating and the “bochorno”, as they call it (the google translate says it is “sultriness” in English, it is basically saying that you live in a humid sauna and you cannot breathe), I cannot say I am enjoying myself too much.

Can´t complain too much, either, after all I live in Barcelona, and now the summer has truly started and there are many events to fill our days (film projections on the beach, concerts of all sorts, summer menus in the restaurants – we live with gazpacho, cherries and watermelon). But besides all this, I am not at my finest moment in life, truth be told. I am tired, overwhelmed and a bit lost.

All this large introduction is largely an excuse for what I am about to write next: Yes, it is summer. Yes, I live in Barcelona and summer in Barcelona is as summerish as it can get. However, instead of going to the beach, living la vida loca, I spent my free afternoon on my couch, overdosing with cherries and living the netflix and chill.

Sorry, but I am not sorry. 

So I randomly watched a movie I used to love some 10 (I am just saying 10 to not sound very old, but I think there must be around 15, at least 🙂 ) year ago: Under the Tuscan Sun.

Another random thought, how cool was it to see Christina and Addison, the Grey´s Anatomy awesome ladies, as a beautiful (but short-lived) couple in this movie?

Back to my point (I promise you I have one), I was not as mesmerized by the plot as I used to be when I was a naive adolescent, just because I cannot fully agree now with the idea that this intelligent, amazing, complex woman would just need a Prince Charming to complete her story. Either way, this is not a movie review, nor do I necessarily recommend you this movie as such, but it is a nice way to kill an afternoon. As per my “no spoilers rule”, I am refraining of further detailing the story too much, but it does have some interesting points.


Finally getting to my point: so, in a moment of utter disbelief and despair, a lesson is received by the newly Toscana-based lady. Her charming Italian friend tells a story about how between Italy and Switzerland there are some very high and abrupt mountains and how people made a way for the train to pass even though there wasn´t a train capable of taking that journey just yet.

But they built the railway, because they knew that the train would come, eventually. 

I could not stop wondering: were those people plain naive or they were supremely visionary minds? Of course, I actually have no idea if this is a true story, I could search the mighty google to find out, but I´d rather not do it, just for the beauty of it. I think it is a nice metaphor, we should obviously pave our way towards our aim and I think this is pretty automatic, most of us do it.

The issue is finding your way and your meaning, which might prove more difficult than one would initially think. I would know.

On the other hand, another piece of advice is bluntly provided by another intriguing character, somebody I would call a free soul. She says that when she was a child, she would go on for hours and hours searching for ladybugs in her parents´ garden, but she just could not find any.

She would fall asleep, tired of all the searching and the strong burning sun (I feel you, my friend! 🙂 ). When she would wake up, she would have ladybugs all over her. 

So, her lesson is stop trying too hard, because it will just come if it has to.

Opposite lessons and I am entirely aware that one cannot base the life choices on a summer afternoon Netflix movie, but I have to agree with them both. I am a more “build your road and be prepared” type of person, but I actually found myself covered in ladybugs many times, even without searching for them 🙂

Which goes to say that sometimes we can try so hard….in vane. And it really sucks, I have to admit. But maybe we just have to accept that sometimes we build a road nobody will ever use and move on.

Easy to write, so hard to do. I´ll be here, waiting, dear ladybugs! Don´t be too late, please. 

Photo by Johannes Hofmann on Unsplash

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