Sunday in Barcelona (3).

Sunday once again. It seems like the days are flying and with this summer relaxing vibe we can celebrate each day as a “Sunday”. As we actually should, always.

Today I have a more active suggestion, different than my other 2 #sundayinbarcelona articles, where I suggested crepes and coffee. 🙂 One of my favorite places in the city is the Montjuic area. Maybe you know, but I´ll assume you don´t, Barcelona has a bit of everything in terms of, let´s call it this, geography: it obviously has the sea and the beaches, but it also “owns” some higher areas, which I personally love.

Montjuic is one of those areas, where you can wander quite a while, escaping the heat and breathing a bit of a fresher air. It is basically a hill where one can find a piece of almost everything (like on this blog 🙂 ) and today I´ll just recommend some of the nicest spots (some of them a bit hidden).

Here I go:

Of course, the Castle has to be on any list. If you like adrenaline and don´t get dizzy very easily, you can go up using the “Teleferic“. I will not go into much details, you can find them in any tourist guide, just a note: the Castle entrance is free every Sunday from 3 p.m. until closing (at about 20ish, I think). And in the summer they have beautiful activities, such as “Vespres d´estiu. Concerts a l´aire lliure”. You can find details on this here  It includes mussic (jazz, bossanova, chill stuff) and the concerts start at 7 p.m. It is beautiful at that time there, a bit windy, you can see the sea 🙂 and just relax. Highly recommend it, actually I am planning on going today and I´ll keep you updated.

They also do “Sala Montjuic –  Cine a la Fresca”. You can find details here

This is a summer tradition for barcelonians, they bring food and just enjoy watching the movies. I´ve been every year since I am here, at least once, I really like it.


Another (semi-hidden) treasure is the Mossen Costs i Llobera Garden, or as I call it “The Cactus Garden” – map here. It is not very easy to find, you would need to start the route at the Paralel metro station and go up through the streets and then follow on through the small paths until finally getting there. The view is very nice and the place is impressive, at least from my point of view.


And finally a place I found by mistake, literally, but it truly is a joy, especially in the spring, but also now: “Jardí Botanic Historic”. Directions here and details here

It is green, relaxing and simply wonderful.


This is it from me now, but be prepared to receive more info about this area, I simply love it and I used to live close to it, so I still have some secrets to share!

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday wherever you are! 🙂

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