Four cuentos (2).

It seems that I can only write on Sunday. This particular week was hectic for me, hence I do have an excuse. A mix of my apartment basically wanting to kick me out (I kid you not, it seemed that it had a mind of its own, with some incidents that could have made me a youcannotbelievethishappened news subject) and a lot of crazy work brought me to some (metaphorical) millimeters of a burn out.

However, Sunday Funday, they say and here I am 🙂 

Under the #fourcuentos developing tradition, I present you today: a song, a book, a Netflix piece of art and a podcast. Highly recommended by yours truly.

The song – press play, relax and go on. There is a big chance that you´ll never actually go on, because the video is a bit mesmerizing (I for one love it), but I´ll take my chances 🙂


The book – I´ll recommend the book I am currently trying to read. I am finding myself in a very strange situation. I just loved everything that Alice Munro ever published, I think she has a very special, fluid and impressive writing style. However, I find myself in a bit of a slump with this book:  The Love of a Good Woman As per my self-imposed no spoilers rule, I shall not give you too many details (the most important reason being also that I do not have them, because I barely scratched the 70-pages mark 😦 ). Just as a mention, it includes short stories.

I am recommending it because I can see it is beautiful and bold. It´s not the book, it´s me 🙂 If you don´t know Alice Munro just yet, please make yourself a huge favor and start entering the Munro Universe. 

My Netflix recommendation is the spectacular adaptation to the little and bigger screens of the novel(s) Anne of Green Gables which was the book of my childhood and remains until today one of my favorite reads. It is just so funny, so helpful for a different soul (we are all different, of course, but I just felt so connected and so empowered when reading it, especially as a child).

I think I´ve read it a million times. I have also received a very beautiful collection as  a birthday gift (I have to admit I love having it and seeing it between my books ❤ ).

Back to the point, last year Netflix presented a series called Anne with an E. And now the second season is here, finally. It was released on Friday, it has 10 episodes of almost one hour each and, yes, guilty as charged, I almost finished it. I am constantly struggling between binging it rapidly and just enjoying every bit of it. The images are so poetic, the actors are just awesome and I just do not see any reason for you not to watch it right now. Below you can see the trailer: 


The podcast: I, for one, love podcasts and I just feel that there is not enough time to listen to all the relevant, beautiful, funny, intelligent or just intriguing ones. There is, however, one that you simply cannot miss. I have discovered it not too long ago, to my despair, because I think I somehow missed it without knowing it 🙂

I realize these are quite big words for a podcast, you would think, but trust me on this one. It is called Invisibilia and you can listen to it here or search it on your preferred podcast-listening app. 

It explores the human behavior and our perceptions, the power of thoughts, the hidden things our mind does. I think I´ll explain more about some of my favorite episodes sometime in the future, but I just have to recommend one right now. It is called Fearless:

It describes the idea of being, literally, fearless. For a world where we have too many fear and for me suffering from anxiety since forever and just wishing the absurd fear would just vanish, this is a powerful reminder that what we wish for is sometimes worse than what we have to begin with and that all of us have struggles and are working hard just to….survive. 

This is it from me. I hope the #fourcuentos are inspiring and let´s all have a nice week.

As Anne says:

Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?

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