Mixed (Must-)Reads of the Week.

I cannot deny, guilty as charged, I am addicted to social media and especially to Facebook. I try to control myself in order to function properly at work (at least), but I do tend to scroll around until I forget what I was searching for to begin with. I think I always did that even when social media did not exist (Yes, I was alive back then, it seems so weird now to think about that, so far away in my memory), but I would read books instead, so that was better.

I make no excuses, I have a roller coaster life so this is how I (in a completely dysfunctional manner) escape it. So, I am not here to write another #escapesocialmedia or #nofacebooksunday posts, even though maybe I should. However, I need to somehow organize everything I read or want to read from these articles that keep appearing on my screen, because I do need to live meanwhile, can´t escape my real life completely. So I save them and check them out, generally on Saturday, hence I though I would start sharing the most relevant ones here.

Quite a large introduction for posting some links, right? Well, this is me in a nutshell. Back to the point, a largely hybrid and heterogeneous list of recommendations:

  • The Guardian picture essay – Why tourism is killing Barcelona I have just celebrated 4 years here and when I first arrived I used to be unable to understand the infinite talks about how tourists ruin this special city. Meanwhile, because I live close to one of the biggest attractions the city has to offer, I witnessed first hand how traditional bakeries closed and (kitschy) souvenir shops were opened. How it is impossible to cross the street without entering a sort of procession. How dirty large groups of people can be. How many pickpockets appeared. And I could go on and on. Part of why I am writing here is to show that Barcelona has a lot more to offer than the established places and that its spirit is vibrant and powerful, even though I can really sense it fading. This picture essay is very relevant and sad and it says the truth and nothing but the truth. I hope we´ll all (locals, temporary locals, tourists, everybody) try more. This city deserves better.



  • I must confess that these past couple of months (or maybe years), I struggled with the idea that maybe I am not in the right place, that maybe I chose poorly my career path, that I lost something, that I should change something right away. Patience is really not my thing, so I tend to be very bipolar with decisions: either I have the impulse right away and (generally) leave or I ponder pros and cons until I get a severe migraine. For the career part of my struggles, I think this article is quite appropriate. Personally, I don´t relate to much of the content, but it is worth reading, in my opinion. The most important thing it states and with which I fully agree: I think one of the biggest mistakes our counselors and parents is telling us, ‘Find a job.’ Nobody ever says, ‘Find a job you love.’ Wise and true words!


  • Speaking of jobs, Is Big Pharma really more evil than academia?  The conclusion speaks to me:  So let’s be clear. Working in pharma is by no means a betrayal of some academic fantasy of ‘purity’. Pharma is full of good people, doing good work – and having an effect on people’s lives that the majority of academics can only dream of. Isn’t it about time we all recognized this? It did not speak so much a while ago, actually this is one of the issues I changed my mind drastically compared to my younger self, but I see that as a positive thing. Evolution 🙂


That´s all, folks! Have a nice weekend!



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  1. I’ve never been to Barcelona, but from what I read, I for one can compare it to Venice. Of course, it’s a matter of taste and I’m aware not everybody feels the same, but to me Venice is special, it’s one of the most beautiful places on Earth and I could go back to that city over and over again. However, I feel that tourism is also killing it somehow (maybe not to the same extent). I went there in January 2017, it was cold, but incredibly sunny and I fell in love with every single piece of it. Then I went back in January 2018 and our last day there was also the first day of the Carnival, which basically means the day that every single tourist on Earth landed in Venice. I tell you, it became unbearable. It was then when I started to understand every single cardboard saying “Please only buy handmade masks from local artists, come in and we’ll teach you how to spot the Chinese fake ones”. And that’s just one aspect. I’m never going to Venice in summer, I can’t stand to see it suffocate like that, I just can’t 😦

    Thanks for the recommendations, I put them on the to-read list 🙂


    • Hei!

      Primul comentariu de pe micutul si noul meu blog trebuie sarbatorit cu un raspuns in romana 🙂 Multumesc pentru comentariu si pentru ca ai citit ce am scris aici. Eu am fost la Venetia de 2 ori, prima oara cand eram micuta si mi s-a parut unul dintre cele mai frumoase locuri din Univers, apoi mai de curand, cand m-am sufocat de atatia oameni, pur si simplu abia asteptam sa plec (e drept, multimile de oameni mereu ma cam sperie 🙂 ). E foarte greu de gasit un echilibru pentru localnici, cred.

      Cat despre Barcelona, o recomand cu drag, mai ales in octombrie-noiembrie si primavara. Si ai si un ghid garantat! (eu 🙂 ).

      Iti multumesc mult ca ai trecut pe aici si sper sa ne mai citim!


  2. Eu cu siguranță mai trec pe aici, ne mai citim! 🙂
    Te înțeleg perfect, fix așa m-am simțit eu în ziua aia. Nu aveai unde să arunci un ac și efectiv tot orașul părea sufocat. Nu știu cum s-ar putea găsi un echilibru, dar ceva ar trebui făcut.
    Cât despre Barcelona, I might take you up on that offer, who know 😀 Momentan nu este în vreun plan concret, însă este în visuri, așa că nu se știe niciodată. Să știi, chiar la octombrie-noiembrie mă gândisem și eu, am avut ochi bun deci!

    Spor la scris!


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