Some mixed recommendations. (2)

And I am not talking (only) about books, this time. As I explained last week I try to catch up with what I save during the week as “to read” and I thought I´d share.

This week was especially overwhelming for me for many reasons, so I think it is a good exercise to change the page a bit.

In no particular order, here it goes:

*The photo for this article was taken by me today in a library that I recommend with all my heart: Alibri It is located on Calle Balmes 26 and they open Monday to Saturday from 10.00 to 20.30.

I first went there to buy the student book for my German class (no, I do not have an actual reason for studying German. yes, I like to torture myself) and I discovered an awesome place.

As I  already mentioned, I love libraries and this one is in the top for me from the ones in Barcelona. So, especially if you are searching for special books for studying foreign languages, give it a try. The psychology section, for instance, is impressive and I like how they organized it (no spoilers, though! 🙂 ).  Just be warned, it is somewhat huge and you can get lost inside for hours if you are the “I´ll check this and that, oh look at that book sign, oh, they have another floor, let´s go” type of library enthusiast.


Here you can find some intriguing, beautiful photos, taken by Denis Cherim in his project #coincidenceproject. He is basically searching for a touch of magic in the ordinary. I find these photos very relaxing, for instance:

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wounded eyes

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I already wrote it here: one of the best discoveries I made not too long ago were the podcasts and there is one so intelligent, so powerful, so impressive, that I became completely in love with it: Invisibilia. I told you already about it, I know, but it must be underlined: it is pure awesomeness. They explained once how our behavior is affected by the expectations around us, with scientific proof and all. Quite impressive, I think.

Lately, I feel like I am more alone than ever. Living far from my country, the change of priorities in everybody´s life, life itself and timing issues led to a sense of emptiness all around. A great article talks about building closer relationships in the words of some TED speakers and the summary is that we need to accept imperfection (very hard thing to do, in my humble opinion), show up (moderately difficult) and to give up on old grudges (almost impossible, I might have a world record of grudges tracking).

To conclude, the article and the resources there are inspiring, but also quite challenging.

And, finally, a song I love lately:


Enjoy! 🙂

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