So I am writing these lines in the midst of Diada manifestations (I provided just the Wikipedia link, keeping it simple for those who have no idea what this is about). There are chants, my walls are literally vibrating and I can simply feel the strong energy of all these people (and there are many, many people gathered throughout one of the main streets of Barcelona, Diagonal, around half of million as per the estimations). At exactly 17:14 they all started an auditory earthquake as they call it, meant to show their common force.

However, I am in no position to have an opinion about their purpose itself. Yes, I know we all have the right to have opinions and of course I have my point of view, but I strongly believe in sharing it only if it is of value and it is well-informed. In this case, I live here for 4 years, so I am quite familiar with everything going on, albeit a bit biased. But the value of my opinion on the issue itself is of no added value whatsoever.

*If you are not informed about the situation here: many people think that Catalunya should be an independent republic and things escalated quickly and (too) abruptly. That is all I´ll give you:)

But I am not here to write about that. I am here to state another simple fact: people are so freaking powerful. Quite obvious, I know, and you might tell me that they did not get very far with their aim, as powerful as they might seem, but allow me to underline one thing: I, for one, consider their fight to be inspirational, no matter the outcome.

They seem to breathe through the same lungs, they share the same voice, they are determined but calm, they are fierce but kind. The energy of so many people united for what they think is right looks like a mountain river, at least through my eyes. They just keep going, forward always. (Obviously, rivers can also damage the gatherings and the inhabitants, but my opinion is that we are not in that situation here).

Before coming here I too was even scared by the alarmist news and the way media described the situation. During my first Diada, nevertheless, I was overwhelmed by a fuzzy-inside positive feeling, just by seeing these people´s class and simultaneous grit.


Just imagine how different things would be in this world if all of us would be so united and motivated for every dream that we have.


Again, I am really a nobody in this whole “business”. I am not saying that they are right, I am not even debating the facts and I am fully aware that not all causes deserve praise and that there are laws and all that. I am just trying to point out that people are powerful and people together are capable of outstanding things.

It is that simple, but I cannot help myself, each time I realize things are not as complex as I sometimes think they are, it baffles me tremendously.

For now, I´ll just go with the flow, very curious where the river takes me.

P.s. I´ve written this out of raw emotion. As I said, of course there are many points to be debated and a lot of negative takes, but this was just to state the obvious: together we are better.

Photo by Peng Chen on Unsplash

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