Mixed recommendations. (3)

It looks like I´ll make this a habit for a while, so there you have it, some recommendations gathered this week:

  • As I said a hundred times already, I absolutely love the Invisibilia podcast. They are preparing the new season now, but have graced us with a bonus episode. It is powerful and touching and it is hard to explain it without big spoilers. It talks about the power of voice and the deep effect voices have on our brain. It explains how little we actually talk these days and how important a voicemail message can become in a certain moment in time. I, for one, feel guilty as charged and I have no other choice than to try to change a bit my habits in this regard. Please, listen to this, 11 minutes well invested in your emotions.
  • You can explore the profound beauty and the mysterious feeling of some abandoned places When I see such a place, more so in real life, but also via photos, I tend to dream about the history of the place. I also become really sad when I see extremely beautiful monuments completely forgotten, but there is a certain magic in this mix, I admit.
  • My final recommendation reunites dogs and Ethan Hawke, so I think it is mandatory to check it out 🙂 It is the Modern Love podcast for this week, listen to it here Ethan reads a piece called Learning Humanity From Dogs which basically tells a story so common, but nevertheless inspiring and a welcomed reminder that dogs are just the best. No spoilers, because that is my rule, but I see no spoilers in stating the obvious: we can learn so much from these amazing creatures, maybe the most important being to love ourselves as they do. Unceasingly. Unconditionally. Endlessly.

Enjoy your weekend!

*Featured image: Photo by Afonso Santos on Unsplash (No particular reason, just because owls are amazing and I love them).

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