Sunday in Barcelona (5) – Ugot Bruncherie.

Here I am again with another recommendation. This time it is a breakfast-brunch-sweet stop-cozy reunion type of place.

*If you want to see my other #sundayinbarcelona recommendations, just check my other posts (I do not have yet a well-defined navigation menu on this blog, because as it seems wordpress is a lot smarter than me these days, but you can find them easily, because I don´t have many for now 🙂 ).

Name: Ugot Bruncherie – Facebook here, Instagram here

Ugot stands for cake or pie in Hebrew. 🙂 as per the nice girl who attended us.

Where: It is conveniently located on Calle Viadomat 138. It is within walking distance (if you like walking, that is) from Universitat and Placa Espanya, but also close to Sant Antoni. The closest metro station is Urgell.

What: I only went for breakfast, hence I am not really sure if during afternoons they change the options (I think not, they are called bruncherie, right?). They offer Shakshuka with several different ingredients (if you have no idea what this is, check it out here. Tasty eggs in a small cute dish would sum it up, but there is a lot more to it), Benedict eggs of all sizes and appearances, plain eggs, eggs with no name but cooked with additions of your choice, hamburgers, salads, the whole package.

They always have some special. Yesterday, for instance, that was chicken pancake with some magic ingredients that I forgot, but it did sound really tasty.

Also, coffee and other beverages. My favorite so far is the Soda of the House, which contains lemon, ginger, orange juice and mint.

The centerpiece, however, and it is no surprise, is the homemade cake. They have a big table with plenty of special cakes on display. I say special because they are not your usual chocolate cakes (although they also have that). They are known around to be THE place for cheesecakes to die for. Daring combinations, mouth-watering aspect and absolutely incredible taste. I had the chocolate strawberry cake and the lemon mascarpone one and they were both a ma zing.


How much: I think the prices are above the average. It would be around 14 euros per person, but it of course depends on what you want to eat 🙂 A cake ration is around 5 euros, eggs around 6. It is within the central Barcelona price range, but with way more quality than most others.

What else: The place looks like a fairytale . There a lot of instagramable corners, if you´re into that, but for me the charm lies in the details: cups, forks, plates, all have been collected, I assume, in some market selling old or vintage items or were inherited. You can just feel that they put their heart in each little detail and I like that.

The vibe is nice, some chill music and the stuff is really awesome (smiling, polite,  nice, quite a rara avis on the barcelonian brunch market! 🙂 ).

Be prepared to wait a little, because it can get crowded, at least during weekends. Also, I did not see many locals the 2 times I went, so if you are searching for a traditional place this is not your find.

But, if you are looking for a special cozy place then please give it a try.

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