Mixed Recommendations of the Week. (5)

Hello again! Here I am with some very mixed recommendations for you to check out on this glorious Saturday morning. Or actually whenever you feel like it 🙂

  • Intelligent people enjoy being alone and that is a scientific fact 🙂
  • An artist embroiders magic things
  • I am a science geek and I do not like superficial studies, with too many limitations and doubtful methods, but I´ll make an exception here because I love the conclusion: Growing in a home filled with books is good for us. I think so, too 🙂
  • Another piece of art, a bonus episode of the Invisibilia podcast, which tackles the question “Who do we let in?” And the opposite important one: who do we keep out? How can we find a balance between these 2 poles?
  • A touching, inspiring and powerful piece: “A woman´s war” – 20 survivors share their stories on how conflict changed their lives. They were victims, but they fought. Real fights. Puts things in perspective, right?
  • The book of the week: My Grandmother sends her regards and apologies by Frederick Backman. Haven´t finished it yet, but we have a love-hate relationship for now. However, I think it is worth reading, if only to escape the daily buzz for a while.
  • And, of course, some music:


Have a nice weekend!

Featured photo by me. A lovely memory from 3 summers ago.

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