Sunday in Barcelona (6): Camelia Art Café – cakes, books and lemonade.

Hola, my friends!

I was so happy to hear that we finally have some options for a nice breakfast or just a sweet break in my neighborhood. I live pretty close to Sagrada Familia and unfortunately the area is becoming more and more tourist orientated, but in a bad way, losing its authentic spirit and just focusing on souvenir shops. But the ugly type, not at all nice or special. Also, the places to eat are quite limited, bad quality and prices up the roof. I think it is the millionth time that I write about this, but it is really frustrating.

I think us, the ones living here, deserve more. And also the tourists coming here deserve a loooot more than kitschy souvenirs and bad food at exorbitant prices.

So, back to my point, I have discovered a new place. Not sure if it is as new as I think, but I guess it is. I saw their Instagram profile some weeks ago and I decided this places was a fairy tale waiting for me to visit it 🙂

Name: Camelia Art Café 

Where: Carrer de Padilla, 264 It is close to Sagrada Familia, but not in the middle of the buzz, so it is perfect for a little escape.

When: Although you are reading an article called Sunday in Barcelona, this place is closed on Sunday 🙂 But you get the idea, this series of articles is meant to show you a bit of the “other” Barcelona. This place has the following open hours: Mon-Fri 8-20| Sat 10 a 14 as per their Instagram details.

What: They have a special menu with different “brunch” options on Saturday, at fixed prices. The “usual” week menu is a bit different from the brunch one, but I could not check it out quite in detail.

They provide “tostadas” (the avocado one looked really good), bagels (I had the one with salmon, cream cheese and spinach, but I think you can choose the mozzarella basil one, too; the bagel itself was especially good and it had beetroot hummus with nachos as a side dish), eggs and coffee, but as I see it their main focus is on cakes, which looked really tasty. I had the lemon rosemary one, de li ci ous. Red Velvet is their specialty. They also had lavender cookies and carrot cake.

I do not drink coffee, hence I can´t weigh on that, but they do provide Lemonade, the good kind, with mint and actual lemons and that is just awesome. They also offer all types of freshly squeezed juices in multiple combinations.


How much: The prices are medium, I would say. It would be around 10-14 euros, depending a lot on your order, obviously. I think these are good prices, especially for this area. However, I did not check the menu in detail, given that, as I said, the Saturday one is different. I´ll update this article after my future visits.

What else: I loved that there were books on each table. The service was friendly and nice. It did take some time to receive the order, even though we were the only ones in there, but I did not mind, it was Saturday and it was a sign that they were taking their time preparing the goodies. Also, they allow dogs in (not many places do that in Barcelona). The cups and tableware are just divine, they seem to have escaped a Downton Abbey episode or something.

I generally do not recommend a place after just one visit, but this cozy café instantly relaxed me in the midst of a very difficult period for me, so they must be up to something good, right? It gives me a very chill vibe, the music is nice (whole Coldplay album yesterday, so maybe they can read people´s minds 🙂 ) and it does not appear to be very crowded. I think it is a good option to read, chill or even work.

Enjoy your weekend, wherever you are! And should you check out these places I recommend, please do let me know! 🙂

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