Mixed Recommendations of the Week (6)

So these are my recommendations that I should have posted on Saturday, but life happened so I am posting today. Hope you´ll find something useful, nice or just worthy of your time. Enjoy!

  • Esther Perel´s take on the Seven Verbs that Shape the way we love
  • An old, but nevertheless relevant Ted Talk about How Dogs love us. Investigating the dogs´ brains is like going back in time and finding out how the human-dog bond started to shape:

Also, a great read is this interview with Dr. Berns, where he states that studying dogs is more enjoyable than studying humans (Doh!) and also provides insights from his work and his experience, including that dogs do have imagination and they truly want to communicate with us. I had no doubts about that, I consider them very special and a joy and I think they are amazing.

  • A study conducted by linguists at the University of Michigan found that introverts were more likely to be annoyed by typos and grammatical mistakes than extroverts. Also, it seems that heavy Facebook users tend to be more extroverted and narcissistic. Hmmm… 🙂 I, for one, found some moderation in my day-to-day and I stopped correcting everybody when I felt like doing it, because I realized it is maybe not the kindest approach and I was almost a bully in this regard. However, I am still annoyed by mistakes, especially in my own language.
  • The Everyday Moments series, which is best described by the mentor: “choosing 24 photos that represent a 24-hour period of dazzling sunrises, quiet moments with family, captivating images of wildlife, and illustrations of how we labor to provide for our loved ones. I wanted a collection of images that demonstrates how, although we may live thousands of miles apart, we are still neighbors. We have much more in common then we may know, and hopefully that comes through in this collection of images.” Loved it!
  • The book I am reading this week: The House at the Edge of the Night, by Catherine Banner. Not the best (yet), but not the worst either. Some review, huh? 🙂 It is difficult to explain my feelings without spoilers, still searching some balance with that.
  • And of course, music, some groovy groove guaranteed to change our mood for the better:


*Featured photo by me, but unfortunately I do not remember where I took it 😦

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed the Tedx Talk and the interview with Dr. Berne a lot, as I’m currently in loooove with puppies and dreaming of getting two Golden Retrievers at some point in my life. I’m sure dogs understand much more than we think and the way they are able to love…we’re so lucky to have them.

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    • True! I had 3 dogs from childhood until 2 years ago and unfortunately all died tragically, one in a car accident involving a driver who was speeding and did not even stop afterwards and the other 2 as a consequence of veterinarians´ malpractices (I want to write more about that, but not ready yet). All of this was extremely painful for me and although I treasure immensely what these dogs brought to my life and I absolutely love dogs, I am still not over all those sad feelings and I am even scared to adopt another dog.

      P.s. Already waiting for the photo explosion involving your future Golden Retrievers, they are pure awesomeness 😀


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