Mixed Recommendations of the Week (7)

To read, to listen, to see, to enjoy.

Another pause, but I am back, back again 🙂 with some recommendations for this weekend. I have no idea how is November treating you from the temperatures point of view, but where I am the Saturday is dark and it is a bit chilly for barcelonian standards, hence it really is the perfect weather for diving into the pending reading lists.

I recommend today this Spotify list of acoustic versions of songs, which I find peaceful and just what I need today. If you don´t like spotify, I got you covered with a very self-explanatory video:

Music for Reading

Sticking to the videos. You may not know, but I am telling you now, I absolutely adore Christmas spirit. I am planning to maybe share more about this, but for now I just want to say that I am always impatiently waiting for the special Christmas ads and videos, and this one really touched me (I must admit, though, they ALL touch me, because, if it was not clear enough, I LOVE Christmas and I cannot lie 🙂 ):

Some gifts are more than just gifts.

Moving on. One of my favorite persons in this world is Michelle Obama. I, of course, never met her in person 🙂 , but I truly admire her personality, her common sense, her power and generally her intelligence. I have not got my hands (yet!) on her memoir, but I enjoyed this interview. It is an interactive concept, where she got questions from all sort of people, from 10-year-old children to the mayor of London or Miley Cyrus. It is beautiful. *Except the reference to kale. As much as I love this woman, the simple reading of these damned letters makes me roll my eyes in anger 🙂 

Here you can read about love letters connecting people during the Second World War and just because I am determined to make you cry a little today below you can listen to some of them read aloud:

Finally, a project on chocolate that blends arhitectural shapes. With really weird flavors, such as rose vinegar or avocado. Weird indeed, but chocolate is chocolate, right?

Enjoy your weekend, wherever you are! 🙂 

Photo by Eirik Skarstein on Unsplash

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  1. I was curious about your site and came to see what you have in here. Not leaving soon 🙂 Love love love your style ❤ Currently reading love letters ❤ You really are amazing


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