Mixed Recommendations of the Week (8)

Full December roller coaster mode, but I don´t think I´ll write too much about any of its classic themes such as perfect gifts, new year resolutions, past year recap etc. (or not just yet). However, I do love December so be prepared! 😜

I am instead trying to step up with my own kind of classic theme, the mixed recommendations of the week. Here they come: 

Well, on a second thought, maybe I shall indeed start with something Christmas-related. A new animated Grinch piece of art awaits and it is a m a z i n g. You have to believe me, because as weird as it might seem for someone who just ADORES Christmas, I also LOVE Grinch and it is THE movie of the winter holidays for me. Benedict Cumberbatch is a perfect fit. Also, it seems that the movie is narrated by Pharell. I think it is quite a big surprise that I was unable to recognize his voice after all that time when Happy was a song one could just not escape from. Anyway, you´re welcome, you´ll love it!  

  • Sticking to the visual side of things, the new season of the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel was launched today, available on Amazon Prime here in Spain. Now, if you did not see the first season, do it right now. I hear that season 2 is also pretty breathtaking, I hope to catch up soon. 
  • My reading goal for this year did not go too well. I do not blame myself too much, because it was indeed a difficult year for me, but I honestly hope to upgrade my reading routine, because it used to be something that made me feel a lot better. Here you can find a story about Steve McCurry and his project reuniting images of people reading. Speaking of reading, I use to struggle a lot when I don´t like a book, I feel that I must finish it no matter what, but slowly I started to understand that life is too short to read the books that are not fit for you. More in this article:

This is for the books that are holding up traffic. The books that stop you from reading because you can’t bear to face your unfinished project. I’m telling you to let them go. You’ll both be better for it. 

We are here to fart around and enjoy ourselves not be guilted by books that were more dynamic and exciting when they were still trees. They’ve already lost you. It’s over. Let them go.

  • This is why I call this series “mixed”, because even my  mind is such a weird mix and I change my mind just like that 🙂 So, grab your tissues, Christmas commercial flying your way!
  • In view of the mountains of food that await us this month, I am suggesting this Ted Talk, to get us all a bit motivated for the gym invasions in January 🙂 

It´s a wrap! More to come next week, hopefully. In the meantime, try to navigate these days with purpose and to not be overwhelmed by all the chaos! Look at me, Christmas basically infiltrated itself in this article! 🙂 

*I am unable to give credit for the wonderful featured photo, so so so sorry. I had it saved in my phone, but I was simply useless when trying to find the artist behind it. Should I manage to obtain this info, I´ll quickly and surely update. 

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