Mixed Recommendations of the Week (9)

New Year, same tradition: here comes my list of recommendations for this week. I know you cannot even open your own fridge without finding a list of resolutions, so here I am keeping it simple and random. 🙂 This is not to say that I do not like resolutions, but I feel somewhat overwhelmed by all the fuss. I am tired, I did not press a magical button on the 01st of January, so I am taking things easy.

I listened to this Spotify list while writing, check it out! 🙂

  • There is something magical about airports, train stations, bus stations etc., I think. Such a special energy, so many emotions, so many stories. Somehow timeless. This is why I enjoyed this collection of vintage travel photos.
  • An absolutely lovely Instagram account. More than the account, a very talented artist (speaking of Instagram, among the multitude of challenges with which we are attacked these days, I read about a very nice one: each day unfollow at least 5 accounts that do not inform you or do not make you feel good about yourself. Challenge accepted!)
  • A useful summary on How to Help a Grieving Friend (it might seem random, but it is so important):

  • Book of the week: Becoming – Michelle Obama. *Now, another thing that can really press the wrong buttons is seeing the endless list of 12903 books read by everybody during the last year. I am not one to discourage reading, by no means, but I refuse to get frustrated by the small number of books read by me last year. I enjoy checking out what other people read, but we should not use yet another number to compare ourselves with others, right? Quantity is not always the best measure when it comes to reading. I am still struggling to find the balance, but I think I am slowly getting there. Back to the book: I loved it. If I manage to read enough during each month, I´ll prepare an article with the books I read (with no spoilers, just opinions! 🙂 ) and surely I´ll share my detailed thoughts on this powerful memoir.

That´s all, folks (For now). Have a nice day, wherever you are!

Featured image: Photo by Victor Benard on Unsplash

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