Sound for Mind – Podcasts: Invisibilia.

Like many other things in my life, I was vastly ignorant regarding the existence of podcasts until one day when I discovered (by pure chance) one that I absolutely adored and just like that I became podcast-addicted.

I really cannot believe that there are so many podcasts out there, on such a wide range of topics, with so many powerful insights and valuable information.

I constantly feel that there is too much to discover that there is simply not enough time. Therefore, I tend to select carefully where I invest my time (although that is not the case always). I thought about sharing the podcasts that I like these days or that were important for me at some point. Today´s recommendation:


by Alexis Spiegel and Hanna Rosin

There are not enough words for me to describe how much I love this podcast. I recommend you to listen to every single episode.

What: They explore the world we can´t see, be it fears, thoughts, wishes, actions, assumptions. Each episode is a masterpiece, each detail carefully tangling with the main idea, each word making you think twice.

Oh, even the music is nice. Apparently there is a dedicated Spotify list containing music from the episodes. Another thing I needed in my life without even knowing it.

This podcast challenges what we already know (for instance, they have an entire episode regarding the way that blind people can in fact actually see), what we expect from others (for example, in an episode they explore the story of a 74-year-old woman who wants to jump out of an airplane in order to get over her husband´s death and by this they explain that telling us new stories about ourselves can help us tremendously) and what we expect from us (episodes about emotions, future self, patterns).

Why: Because you need it. Because you have to. Trust me on this one.

Favorite episode: Difficult to pick, but I would go with Entanglement. No spoilers, but I was really amazed listening to it. We really are more connected than we think.

What are you favorite podcasts? Let me know! I am planning to share mine weekly, so don´t be shy.

Meanwhile, I cannot wait for the new Invisibilia season.

Be good!


Featured: Photo by kyle smith on Unsplash

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