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As started last week, I am recommending podcasts that I find useful, beautiful, funny or simply mind-blowing. And yes, I once again chose a photo with a sweet dog, so I am also recommending you to watch dog photos. I think that is scientifically proven to boost your mood, even more than any podcast without a featured dog, so you are welcome! 🙂 .

Today I thought I´d share my love for the Modern Love podcast (see what I did here, a lot of love, right?)

What: Even if you are not yet very familiar with the marvelous world of podcasts, maybe you are already a dedicated reader of the Modern Love column, from the New York Times, which presents, in their own words: “Weekly essays that explore the joys and tribulations of love.” That is love in all its forms, not only the romantic Titanic scene that you are maybe picturing when you read these four letters. These are essays submitted by the readers and I find them powerful, inspiring and intriguing.

Who: First, we of course have the authors of the essays. Then, these essays are read by famous people, generally actors, bringing their touch to the story and in the end explaining why they chose a particular story. And, obviously, there is a host: Meghna Chakrabarti and in the end we also hear from the Modern Love column editor, Daniel Jones. Also, the last bit is about “where are they now” and it is so very interesting to see how the story went on, how it “aged”, how the priorities changed, which is the current reaction to an episode from the author´s past. I think this provides perspective and it is a great touch.

When: New episodes every Thursday. Each episode´s duration is of about 20 minutes-ish.

Why: Basically, just to know yourself better. These are real stories, touching aspects from death of a loved one, to relationships that did not work or worked despite all sorts of problems, family, career, love for yourself, complex situations and all types of heartbreaking decisions. They describe absolute joy, but also desperate loss.

Favorite episode: This is really tough. I noticed that I tend to skip stories that I think to be very different from my current life or my past experiences and lately I´ve changed that. There is so much to learn from the unknown, the unfamiliar! This is why in time I reached an absurd number of episodes listened and columns read. If I had to choose, though, I would trust my memory and the first thing that popped up is a very touching one, read by Kate Winslet, based on this column, which you can listen here: When a Couch is more than a Couch. I am firm about my purpose of no spoilers, so I won´t give you any. Just check it out and be aware that you´ll most likely cry. A lot.

As always, if you feel like sharing your favorite podcast, drop a line below.

Hope you are enjoying some sound for mind today (or any other day for that matter)!


Featured image: Photo by Florencia Potter on Unsplash

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  1. Mie mi-au placut mult podcasturile Esther Perrel, terapeuta de cupluri, care pune bucatele reale din povestile unor cupluri la terapeut. Am uitat cum se numeste podcastul, dar daca dai dupa numele ei, sigur ii gasesti site-ul si acolo gasesti si podcasturile.

    Eu ascult rar, pentru ca merg/sunt singura (in afara de momentele cand lucrez), dar m-ai facut curioasa cu Modern Love. Initial as fi zis, bleah, nu vreau despre iubire, dar e ceva mai subtil care ma atrage.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Multumesc! Am incercat si eu sa le ascult, dar cumva mi-au dat o stare foarte ciudata, desi initial mi se parea o idee faina. O urmaresc pe Esther Perrel si in general mi se pare ca spune chestii intelepte 🙂

      Sa imi zici cum ti se pare Modern Love. Sper sa iti placa.


    • E super fain blogul tau, o sa ma pun sa citesc tot cand voi avea timp! 🙂 Nu stiu daca ai vazut mini-seria Modern Love pe care au facut-o pe Prime Video, mi-a placut asa de tare ca am vazut toate episoadele de 2 ori 😀


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