Some Essentials for new Barcelonians

Although I have written already about what one needs to know as a Barcelonian newbie, I was inspired by this article (it is in Romanian, do check it out if you can understand it. And while you´re there, check the whole blog, it is so beautifully written. I am gonna go ahead and inform you that if you don´t speak Romanian, you´ll need to learn it in order to read that blog, that´s how awesome this woman writes.) that includes a list of mandatory phone numbers for a woman in 2019. I thought of pointing out some essentials for the new ones in town. No phone numbers, though.

As always, and I cannot state that enough, please be aware of the pickpockets. There are many other things to take into account when moving here, such as rent, for instance, but this is such a complicated and tricky matter due to the high prices and the crazy process you need to follow that I am not planning on writing about it anytime soon. This article is for more superficial things, such as:

A nice place for your hair

The offer is huge, but not always of good quality. The prices are absurd in the vast majority of places and you need to be aware of 2 things: people here don´t really have a proper level of English and every tiny little product that they offer – such as “I´ll put this super mask on, you´ll look just like Beyonce” or “This serum will bring you life” or “This shampoo is made of unicorn tears” – they will charge it extra. So, as you imagine, disaster can be quickly approaching.

My recommendation, with fair prices, good products and nice vibes is Room 28. It is located in Gracia. You need to book with some weeks in advance. They do speak some English 🙂

A place where you can buy good bread

For a city that prides itself with a traditional, specific food containing bread (pá amb tomaquet), Barcelona is not really good with bread lovers. The offer is, again, huge, but the quality is really, really bad. If you like your bread somewhat real and not reminding you of a chewing gum from 2 weeks ago, go buy it at any Baluard Bakery. They have several locations around town. Apparently, there is a lot of history behind this chain, being now owned by a fourth-generation of bread-makers. They have wood-fired ovens, around 20 types of bread to offer and the smell inside is just divine.

Photo from their Facebook Page

A place where you can become healthier

*After eating all that bread. 🙂 That is a gym :), provided you actually go. There are many options for an active lifestyle here in Barcelona and the weather certainly helps, since you can take long walks, you can go swimming, rollerblading (there is a group of roller-bladders of all levels, organizing routes almost daily, good option to get to know more people once you´re here), hiking etc. If you want to attend a gym, there is a large range of prices and concepts available. It all depends on the area where you live, of course. I recommend Claror : with the full member price, which is around 40 euros, you can access 2 centers in the Sagrada Familia area, both with many activities, pool, sauna etc.

Photo by The Roaming Platypus on Unsplash

A place where you can watch movies

…at a good price and in the original language, with subtitles (not at all common here, so always check before). I recommend Yelmo Cines. Other good options, with very special movies, are Cine Texas and Cine Girona.

Now, all these might seem superficial, but trust me, they are very common doubts in the expat groups. There are many other things to add, such a good market close to home or a place to grab your coffee.

Little by little you´ll transform this city in your own map of little treasures and corners that you love. But we all need to start somewhere and so I hope this article helps. 🙂

Drop me a line below if there is something else you would like to know about this beautiful crazy city.

Meanwhile, have a lovely weekend!


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