Sound for Mind – Podcasts: Hidden Brain

First thing first: the featured photo, as per tradition, includes a dog with somewhat big ears. 🙂 I usually use my photos, Unsplash photos or something like that, but I decided that I might as well use photos of dogs in adoption. The precious soul in the featured photo is called Dolça (Catalan for sweet) and you can find more information about the association that helps her now and how to adopt or support her or other dogs (or cats) in need here.

Back to my point, you might have noticed that I am fascinated by neuroscience and maybe this is because I am still trying to understand how my weird brain works 🙂 I, of course, overestimated my writing powers and the podcast offer already valued by my ears and my mind, so I shall change, for now, this series of #soundformind podcasts to a monthly basis. One of the Sundays of each month, I´ll share a detailed recommendation. Meanwhile, isolated episodes can also appear in other articles. Previously I wrote about Invisibilia and Modern Love. My proposal for today is

Hidden Brain

What: As per their own description, they are trying to make us, the curious people, understand the world and ourselves. They challenge our perceptions and they go into quite detailed scientific information without us even noticing it. I think that they are answering (or better said, they provide options and theories) quite many of the frequent, somewhat superficial questions, such as why do we like a certain food and not the other. This might seem superficial, but it is a lot more complex once you scratch the surface. More profound matters are touched, also.

Who: Shankar Vedantam is the host. He is a science correspondent and apparently he also wrote an interesting book about unconscious biases. Depending on the episode, there are specialists invited or even the most common phrase from the most common person you would think of (you would think that because you don´t actually know that person, since each and every one of us have an interesting story to share, of course).

Why: I would say because we need to know ourselves better. This helps us so very much, in so many ways. I am not trying to write another string of boring phrases, so abundant nowadays, but simply put, you should give this podcast a try because it will give you a new perspective on many things that you already think you got covered (The no spoilers philosophy on this blog really affects the quality of my descriptions 🙂 ). Anyway, this podcast is so cool and smart that there are teachers using it for teaching purposes (Duh!) and here you can find some beta versions of Study Guides, adapted to age groups, touching subjects such as slanguage (evolution of language among young people – LOL), how to embrace chaos, how to find what you like or any solutions when you feel stuck etc. You know, all the things we should have learned in school while busy studying a bunch of useless stuff, right? 🙂

Favorite episode: I did not listen to all of them (yet). I was especially touched by the one regarding counterfactual thinking or in simple words, the famous “if only” (beautifully named: Rewriting and Rewinding, The Alternate Universes in Our Head). But every episode I listened to was fearless regarding the chosen subjects, very well documented, informative and nothing short of awesome.

Oh, I am not sure where are you listening to podcasts. There are many options out there, I like the app Tunein, for instance. If you have any other suggestions about apps, brain or podcasts :), the comments section is all yours!


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