Mixed Recommendations of the Week (10).

Quite some time since my last mixed list of interesting discoveries from the previous week, but I am back 🙂 It is quite incredible that I reached the 10th such article, another proof that Internet is huge and there are so many things to be discovered, but a careful selection is needed, definitely. As random as always:

  • I am determined to keep this as mixed as my thoughts and generally life is, so here is an useful piece on how to survive gaslighting or, better said, how to stay resilient in the face of psychological abuse that distorts the truth.
  • Also, if you are in Barcelona this month, [TITLE OF SHOW] by the Jocular Theatre is running at the Almeria Teatre, tickets and details here. It is in English, the actors are immensely talented and the cast includes the marvelous Alex Borstein. She plays Susie in one of my favorite series ever, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (wink, wink!). Something really strange for me is that people here drink and eat during the play. Not sure if this happens in other countries, but for me it was extremely awkward. Either way, if you can, check this out.

This is it for this week. I am aware that the mix is quite peculiar, to say the least, but such is life, I guess. However, hope you´ll enjoy at least a bit of all of this.

Be good!


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  1. I went on Youtube, typed in “still have me”, something I’ve been doing for quite a while now thanks to you and started listening to CYN’s “I’ll Still Have Me”. Then I said to myself, well I think I should go check if the new mixed recommendations are up. And guess what, they were, so I paused CYN and now I’m listening to “The Wisp Sings” and I must say… this song is somehow making my heart ache. I’m not sure if there’s just so much pain in it or it’s just the fact that I’ve recently lost a loved one, but I kinda regret I’m in the office and I can’t really break down in tears. Thank you so very much for sharing all these beautiful things!


    • I am so sorry for your loss 😦 You should certainly cry a lot, when you feel like it, in my opinion. I think it helps tremendously. And yes, I also use “The Wisp Sings” for some crying sessions, when needed.

      Thank you ever so much for coming here and for what is worth your comment made my very difficult day turn to a beautiful one, so thank you for that, too!


    • Thank you! I am trying to allow grief to be an actual part of my life at this moment in time. I think the only way over it is through it. Hopefully it will get better.

      I am so glad I was able to bring some light to your day, hope it keeps getting better and better! And if not, well, better days ARE coming! They’re called Saturday and Sunday, haha 😀

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