Barcelonian Reading Corners.

The sun is up, the weather is friendly, so I thought I´d share a list of places where you can spend some quality time with your book, in the (almost) spring light. Now, of course, one can read anywhere, in the metro, in one of the million cafés around the city, or simply at home, but there are more special ideas out there. For instance:

  • Take the metro, carefully watching your pockets :), the L2 line will get you directly to Badalona. Obviously, weird to start my list with a place outside Barcelona, but you already know me, my brain works like this. Either way, the metro ride is about 25 minutes or so, but it takes you to a beautiful place, where you can read by the sea in a more silent and peaceful environment than anything you´ll find around the beaches in Barcelona. The sound of the sea and the beautiful light will help you immerse in the story of your book and you´ll feel the book, sea and chill effect in no time:

Photo by Lluís Ferrer on Unsplash
  • Back to the city, Ciutadella Park is a common destination. Just take into account that it can get pretty crowded and noisy. Better options in terms of parks are either Parc del Laberint:

or Jardins de Mossèn Costa i Llobera, about which you can find more info in my article here. In that same article you can find details on the jewels hidden by Montjuic, which is also a good place for you and your book 🙂

  • Glories is not an area I would normally recommend for relaxing and reading, due to the ongoing road works, but there is a corner which might do the trick:

These chaise-longues are provided free of charge and if I am not in a parallel reality I think that I also saw a sort of book swap going on in the area.

  • If you are one that does not get easily distracted by the noise, you can also try a square around Gracia.

These are just a few ideas, in fact Barcelona offers quite a lot of inspiring corners for your reading escapes. We just have to get our eyes out of our phones and see them! 🙂

Featured Photo by 2Photo Pots on Unsplash

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