Mixed Recommendations of the week (13).

It was, again, a difficult week for me, especially due to health reasons, but honestly it all came together in all the other departments in quite a not so nice way. It is in moments like this one when I think that writing, even the smallest and meaningless piece, it therapeutic, so here I go again with my mixed recommendations of the week. As mixed as always, of course 🙂 Here they are:

First thing first, music. I saw the much acclaimed The Favourite and apart from the movie itself I was mesmerized by a certain song. It took me a while to find it, but this is the one:

I think that this song here, with its weirdness, power and quite frankly exhausting notes summarizes completely the movie. The movie, you ask? Breathtaking, from all points of view, so please do see it! Bear in mind that it is that type of love it or hate it affair and it is also a bit dark, so choose wisely the moment to enjoy its full power.

Second thing second :), no week without amazing animal life photos. This time, the magic of Finland forests. Incredibly beautiful, take a look! There are, of course, owls around there, obviously! 🙂

In my current state of mind, this article came as pure gold. It talks about the lost art of being lazy and how laziness is actually good for us. Do try it! 🙂

In other news, this breathtaking road in Norway is worth a look.

Friendship is beautiful:

Have a lovely week! Last days of official winter…so I am still wondering how does time pass by so quickly. Not the best start of the year for me, but slowly getting there, hopefully!

Be good!


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