Sound for mind – Podcasts: Happier.

So March is here. This comes as a shock to me, I keep wondering what did I do with my life for 2 months already. Mind blowing! 🙂

Per tradition, here comes the monthly podcast recommendation, part of my delusional idea that some day I´ll host my own podcast. As mentioned, in the featured photo you´ll find a dog in need of a forever home. This month: Nut. More info on this page, should you be THE one for him.

Back to our topic today, the podcast of the month is Happier.

Trust me, if you knew me you would not associate the word happy to my face or personality, in the sense that I am not a very bubbly person, but that does not mean that I do not try to find happiness in every corner of my life. That is proving a very difficult task considering everything going on, so I am using any help I can get and this is how I found this podcast.

The “what” for it is quite self-explanatory, I think. 🙂 I like it because it is not the usual online coaching session with many general ideas who either make you laugh in despair or completely overwhelm you. No, this is practical advice on how to try to become a bit happier, be it me tuesday, 19 for 2019, decluttering tips (maybe I´ll elaborate on my thoughts on this clutter mania some day) or the grand project of designing your own happiness.

Who: Gretchen Rubin is the host. Maybe you know her from The Four Tendencies project, the quiz for that is here. The co-host is her sister, Elizabeth Craft, with whom I identify more and who lovingly calls her sister her happiness bully. Gretchen has written some books on the matter, but I must admit I cannot comment on those because I did not read them (yet, maybe?).

Why: I am surely not the first person to write that being happy helps us and is great for our mind and body. Being always extremely happy is obviously not what I mean, because that is, to begin with, impossible and as damaging as any other extreme condition (I think). But you should try to listen to this podcast if you feel the need for some tips in order to bring your happiness to a higher level.

Favorite episode: This is a recent discovery for me, I started listening from December, but I did some binge-listening (Is that even a thing? 🙂 ). No favorites as such yet. However, apart from the main podcast itself they also do “A little Happier” bits of wisdom, which I enjoy so very much.

The site offers many treasures, so make sure you check it out.

So, which would be the March podcast for you? Should you find yourself in doubt, check my podcast recommendations, which include: Hidden Brain, Modern Love and Invisibilia. Many more to come! I was conquered by the podcast magic and I am planning to explore it more and more and more.


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