Mixed Recommendations of the Week (14).


New week, new mixed cuentos list 🙂 As always, music first (Romanian, this time):

Movie of the week is Private Life (Trailer below). I saw it on Netflix. It is a strange mix of funny (but in a twisted painful way), so very sad (and I mean heartbreaking levels), weird, touching and real. It explores the fertility struggles of a novelist and a ex-theatre director living in New York, which for me looked like a very powerful and glued couple, despite not having had sex for almost a year 🙂

The subject is, of course, very complex and the struggles they go through feel real, greatly due to the impressive acting. I am not going into details, because #nospoilers, but I recommend this movie for many reasons. Maybe it will help people let go of the horrible question about “when are you having kids?”. Maybe it will provide a bigger picture on this issue (I love how the movie counteracts their desperate wish to finally have a child with damaged family relationships somewhere else in their extended family). Maybe it will give some perspective on how much this continuous fight can affect a family´s life (beautifully suggested in this movie by their unhappy career choices and their cozy, artistic, but so very unsuitable apartment). Or maybe you won´t understand any of these, but at least you´ll see 2 beautiful dogs wandering around for most of the 2 hours.

Somewhat connected to that, this piece on the New Midlife Crisis is worth reading. I am not just yet in the demographic group described, but I do identify quite a lot with many of the points there. It is a long read, but I think a very useful one:

Sometimes, I have these moments of clarity, usually during lengthy conference calls,” says Lori, 41, a contracts analyst in Charlotte, North Carolina. “This voice in my head suddenly starts shouting: What are you doing? This is pointless and boring! Why aren’t you out there doing something you love? Name one thing you love! Cheese? Okay, great. Let’s get some goats and start making cheese, and we can sell it from a truck. We’ll call it something clever. And then, I spend the rest of the conference call thinking up names for my imaginary cheese truck: Hmm, some pun on a wheel? Fromage on a Wheel?

So why doesn’t she become the Fromage on a Wheel lady?

[Middle-aged women] are smoking in their bedrooms out the window the way they did when they were 16,” says Elizabeth Earnshaw, a marriage and family therapist in Philadelphia. They’re flirting with old boyfriends via email or compulsively shopping online. They’re driving too fast, or they’re drinking too much, or they’re popping Xanax. And 24/7 they’re on their smartphones (which, remember, have only been around for 10 years), flooded with friends’ Instagram-tastic vacation photos and Twitter posts by frenemies bragging about promotions. They’re watching breaking news alerts of nuclear threat escalations, end-times weather catastrophes, terrifying mass violence. They’re waking up to see what else has gone wrong and wondering how to help. They’re fielding long 10 p.m. emails from bosses that end with “Thoughts?” The cumulative effect is the feeling that they will never catch up, on any level, ever.

At 4 a.m., this is the loop in my head. Then, I remind myself (again) of how insanely lucky I am. It could be so, so much worse. And I think of what my friend who grew up in Mexico once told me: “The 30s are the adolescence of your adulthood,” she said, “and when you reach 50, it’s a restart—empieza de nuevo—a second chance.”

With all of this, I think this explanation of empathy is very useful:

Must-see photos: 2019 Sony World Photography Awards Winners.

I´ll end with 2 videos celebrating the approaching 08th of March. We should celebrate each other on a daily basis, but I won´t say no to an additional fiesta.

So, first: this video shows how much the beauty definitions have changed throughout time. We should love ourselves just the way we are and that´s something many of us still need to learn:

And second, an ad which speaks for itself (Simona Halep is in there, yay! I am not a fan of Serena, nor do I agree with many of her actions, but for this ad purpose I think she is a great fit as a narrator):

So, Dream Crazier!

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