February Books.


I am so late with everything, I know I said this so many times already here, but it seems to me that time is running away and I am really bad at chasing it 🙂 I am just unable to find a proper pace. I do have ideas and plans and luckily enough I was absent around here (apart from the horrible bad cough case) due to a very nice family trip to Madrid (maybe I´ll share some tips on visiting Madrid, at some point in time).

However, I did manage to read. Not as much as I wanted, but as you know, I am not focused on fashionable goals regarding the number of books, pages, authors etc. I am just trying to find joy in reading (again).

The bad thing is that as much as I like the concept of tsukondu (yes, I am not a fan of minimalism), I have received and borrowed from the library way too many books and I have started so many that I doubt I´ll finish them this year 🙂

I´ll try to stop wandering around with ideas and focus on my February books:

Big Magic, Creative Living beyond Fear, by Elizabeth Gilbert

Photo from here

Now, in my already public tradition, I might possibly be the last person to discover this book. I thought it was funny, true and complex although it might seem like an easy read. I found myself laughing out loud, but it also made me reflect on many issues of my own personal life. I loved the structure of the book and I also enjoyed the honest tone of the narrative. My favorite advice is to choose my delusion, which is quite a difficult task 🙂

The concept of flowing ideas flying around is almost too romantic for me to actually consider it, but there are many fair points. I´ll stop here, because #nospoilers. Truth be told, you can´t read spoilers for this book, you need to read it yourself and capture its vibe.

Elizabeth Gilbert is, I think, a interesting person (you´ll find a lot about her if you read the book) and you should give her a chance and not judge on superficial grounds. If you don´t want to read this book, some of her talks sum it up quite beautifully. I also found this other talk, not related to the book, simply inspiring:

Call me by your name, by André Aciman

I read it during one single afternoon, by the sea 🙂 It was an adventure to get the book, I had to read it for a book club that I finally was unable to attend and I did not even like the movie that much. I did love the book, the writing is just exceptional from my point of view and it gives some answers beyond the movie´s action. It is always weird to read the book after having seen the movie, but the writing was so great that I did not mind. I must admit that I found some parts quite challenging, but I would surely recommend it to anybody. It is, essentially, a love story. The mind-blowing, heartbreaking type. The awesome type, that is 🙂

The Days of Abandoment, by Elena Ferrante

Elena Ferrante, whomever who she or he is, is one of my dearest authors from the last years and I read this book mainly because I thought it would be awesome, like her other ones. This cover I found here is summarizing the plot (See, not only do I avoid spoilers, but I am testing your intuition, right? 🙂 ):

This is also a story about love. Even self-love, I would say. It failed to impress me, though. It is worth reading because Ferrante´s talent transcends the lines, but maybe due to the topic, the view and the story itself I cannot say that it was a book that I enjoyed reading. I did manage to cry because there is a scene with a dog and I generally cry when there are dogs involved :). I did laugh a bit due to the absurd nature of the events. Give it a try!

That´s a wrap. Let´s see what March brings in terms of finished books!

What about you? Any recent reading highlights?

Featured Photo by Rob Potter on Unsplash

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