Mixed Recommendations of the Week (15).

Here I am again with mixed recommendations meant to brighten up your Monday 🙂

First thing first, as per the usual routine, music:

Something for the heart, the brain and the bigger picture: After Life, Netflix series:

Quite possibly there are some little spoilers ahead (sorry, I did try to be very subtle), so if you did not see it yet, scroll quickly 🙂

The highlight of this series is the dog, of course 🙂 . Kidding, but not 100%, because the dog does play a pivotal role in all this.

It is a story about grief, basically. The main character (which is not the dog, officially 🙂 ) is battling a severe case of depression after the death of his wife. The story includes some brilliant actors, 2 of which you´ll recognize from Game of Thrones, in very different roles, obviously.

And it is powerfully written. I felt they put no boundaries to it, and so it seems so authentic. There are many moments that I considered deeply touching, from the dog stopping certain tragic endings, to the dementia patient remembering who the visitor was, to the nurse taking such good care of her patients, to the brother in law who went past his own grief process trying to help someone who needed help, to the sex worker´s story or the newspaper distributor´s tormented life.

The flashbacks of the happy moments with the wife are quite the source for tears, I´ll tell you that. The woman standing by her husband´s grave (whom you´ll recognize from Downton Abbey) is an infinite source of wisdom (some of what she says is a bit redundant though, that´s true).

Also, there are so many funny parts and surely you´ll laugh so very much. I think they rushed the ending a bit, but I consider it to be a great portrait of what grief means and the lows one can touch in the process. It also shows the effect on everybody around and how healing ultimately does come, one just has to hang on in there and seek help (although the therapist here is not very trustworthy, if you ask me).

It is not perfect, but it is real and I highly recommend you to see it, because it will most likely open your eyes a bit. Not saying they are closed now, but maybe we all need some clearer vision from time to time!

Back to our daily problems, a take on the age of envy and how to maintain your mental health intact while using social media. Speaking of social media, here is an article on the traumatic work experience of the Facebook moderators. These are two very important pieces to read, I think.

Barcelona is beautiful, we all know that. It looks even more beautiful from the sky:

Photo by Marton Mgyorosy

Finally, but most important considering the topic, everything happening last week around the world and the fact that “one is never too small to make a difference“, I have to share this Greta Thunberg speech, which I am sure you have seen before. She is inspiring and I wish we would all be more like her, especially during this time in which, quite frankly, hope is so difficult to find.

You say you love your children above all else, and yet you are stealing their future in front of their very eyes.

Be good!


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