Mixed Recommendations of the Week (16).


As always, we start with music:

A bit weird tone, but it leads us directly to the Netflix recommendation of the week, the series Russian Doll:

You know my rule of no spoilers, but sometimes it is really difficult to avoid spilling the tea, so if you did not see it yet, do scroll rapidly, with your eyes closed 🙂 until the next part of the article. I guess from the trailer you already figured out a bit what this is about, but be warned, it is not as common and expected as you would think. Natasha Lyonne, the redheaded goddess in the leading role is simply outstanding. The acting in general is extremely good and you need to know that once you start episode 1 it will be impossible to let go, but each episode lasts about half an hour or so, so you can binge it on a Saturday night like myself. I also think it has potential to induce panic attacks or anxiety crisis, due to the multiple and sometimes stupid deaths going on.

The story is intelligently written. The last episode is my favorite. The last 2 episodes are a bit creepy, though.

It is basically a story about life, not death, as it might seem. We have this troubled, fearless, complex (so many layers to discover….like a Russian doll, duh!) woman with a difficult family history who deep inside does not want to be alive anymore and feels a lot of guilt towards her mother´s death (of course she was not really to blame, you´ll see that). Her actual (and spirit) animal is a wandering cat. She does all sorts of drugs and lives without boundaries. On another hand, we have an obsessively compulsive young man, with healthy habits and a spotless house, but troubled in a different way, in a relationship from which he understands nothing. His actual (and spirit) animal is a fish. He is also put in a position from which he sees no purpose to life and wants to end it.

Somehow their stories are tangled and upon experiencing so many different deaths (which is why I said earlier that this can generate anxiety episodes), they find the answer in giving help and, most of all, accepting it. It is really difficult to explain everything without major spoilers, but I surely advise you to see it. You´ll cry some, laugh some more and start questioning many of your life choices. 🙂 I feel like I almost always end up with this sentence, but I find it very relatable 😀

You can open your eyes now, spoiler over. Another life-changing truth: Exercise sucks. What she said: “Perhaps this approach (“Hate every second, do it anyway”) would at least put fitness where it belongs and stop people becoming disheartened about their endorphins refusing to rush. If those like myself have more realistic expectations, then we might just get it to work”.

I know you must get tired of my podcast-obsession, but the Invisibilia episode from this week was truly something else. It talks about a topic so relevant these days: how do we cope with uncertainty and it is really worth listening to.

Emilia Clarke narrates her story: she fought for her life due to brain aneurysms. This goes to show, once again, how little we know about people around us or even more, people on our screens. She seemed to be living the dream, but she was passing through a dark nightmare. She has now founded a charity designed to the increase of access to rehabilitation after brain injury and stroke in young people. This a real Queen over here:

That´s all from me today. Hope you have a lovely week!


Featured photo from here: https://unsplash.com/photos/KQ6sO8m1ZDE

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