Sunday in Barcelona (7) – Cafè Godot


Someone finally remembered what this blog was initially about and here I am with another #sundayinbarcelona suggestion (the last one was in October, so…). This time, I am going for a classic: a nice brunch spot 🙂 

Now, brunching is really trendy nowadays in Barcelona, so there are many places offering it. However, be aware of exorbitant prices for a really below average selection of eggs :). Also, there are many already famous places, too hyped to still have the desired quality, where you need to wait for 4 hours just to sit around a corner of a table, doing your best to post your food on Instagram, because it looks better than it tastes. So, do your research before spoiling your precious Sunday. 

Cafè Godot can be an option to consider. It is conveniently located in the heart of the Gracia neighbourhood, on Carrer de Sant Domènec 12. 

First of all, the place is really beautiful, modern touches, high ceiling, lots of light, details that inspire:

Then, the food tastes like real food 🙂 The offer is quite complete, you can find the special brunch menu here.

Prices are a bit above average, but I think that the price-quality ratio is reasonable.

Service is a lot above average, people are friendly, smiling and open to resolve any doubts you might have (there are some exceptions, as always. For instance, we hadn´t noticed that the egg dishes came with potatoes and a Dijon salad so we ordered fries and a Dijon salad as entrants 🙂 only to also eat those as a side dish with the main course. Way too much Dijon salad, if you ask me, although it really is delicious 🙂 Would have highly appreciated some proactive advice from our waitress, but this is really not as important. My general impression is that staff there is awesome).

The brunch hours are from 12:00 to 19:30 on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Reservations are recommended. We were the only ones at 12:00, but they told us that it will become full at 13:00 and so it was. The place is fit for groups, too, there is space available. The reason I am adding this is that I know that when you are on holiday with 10 other people, picking the place to eat can easily end up in a big drama, so it is better to have options available 🙂

I only went once for brunch and I liked it. I sometimes go there for lunch. Their lunch menu is very complex, but they´ll explain everything, don´t worry. You can find it here. The price is 14.50 eur, which is higher than the medium price of the area (and it can become even more if you order some special dishes, for which a supplement must be paid), but I have to say that the quality is worth it, so I recommend it. At least once.

The famous Dijon Salad
Some more Dijon salad and eggs tasting like eggs.

All in all, this is a special spot and it most certainly deserves your attention.

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