Month: April 2019

Mixed Recommendations of the Week (20).

Hola! Welcome to the weekly list of recommendations which have no connection or sense whatsoever 🙂 Hectic days around here, hopefully things will slow down a little come May. First thing first, music. Anouk was, is and will always be pure awesomeness: I said it many times, I […]

Sunday in Barcelona (7) – Nolita Brunch.

Hola! Happy Easter for all of us celebrating today! Another #sundayinbarcelona recommendation coming right at you 🙂  As you might already know, I try to write here about the somewhat hidden places, because there are so many extra-hyped ones that are truly abysmal and, as I said so […]

Mixed Recommendations of the Week (19).

Hola, Monday! Some mixed recommendations for the week: First, music. I discovered her last week, she is pretty awesome. She is also Romanian (I had to add that 🙂 ): Great news: Second season of Big Little Lies is closer, available from the 09th of June. I simply […]

Barcelona Fiestas: Sant Jordi.

It is generally difficult for a big, busy city to stay faithful to its traditions, celebrations and fiestas, but Barcelona is an example that it can be done. There is not a week without some sort of celebration. People care about their traditions, they enjoy each and every […]

Sound for Mind – Podcasts: Dear Sugars.

Here I am again with my monthly podcast recommendation. As per tradition, the featured photo is meant to bring awareness on abandoned dogs. This month you can see Tero, such a beautiful one, isn´t he? More info on him here and always remember: adopt, don´t shop! My recommendation […]

March Books.

Hello! I am late with this, late with everything, but I have a decent excuse: I was-am pretty sick. Nothing major (I think), but very nerve-racking. Back to the point, it is pretty difficult for me to write under these conditions, but I made a promise to myself […]

Mixed Recommendations of the Week (17).

Hola! New week, new (very) mixed recommendations 🙂 First, music (and meaningful content and message 🙂 ): Speaking about message, I have let go of my Grey´s Anatomy addiction for some years now, basically because I could not handle all those absurd deaths and it started to become […]