Mixed Recommendations of the Week (17).


New week, new (very) mixed recommendations 🙂

First, music (and meaningful content and message 🙂 ):

Speaking about message, I have let go of my Grey´s Anatomy addiction for some years now, basically because I could not handle all those absurd deaths and it started to become too dark for me. I don´t remember an episode where I did not cry (at least) a little. Nevertheless, I sometimes follow what happens, because apart from breaking our hearts in the process, this series also empowers, opens conversations and goes beyond the known path. The most recent episode, which I did not see in full version because it is very triggering, deals with sexual abuse. One arch concerns a patient who was just raped and is horrified by the sight of men. So they do this for her:

As mentioned at the end: this is not protocol, but it should be.

I have also seen a very touching movie, called Ben is back. It describes the chaos, struggle, pain and challenge of addiction. It mainly focuses on the unconditional love of the mother, strongly portrayed by Julia Roberts. Ben (Lucas Hedges is outstanding in this role) is walking a very fine line between life and death. I have been trained in addictions, I have seen some cases throughout my career and as a “normal” person afterwards and from that point of view I must say that this movie is so incredibly real. In my opinion, everyone should see it, since it is a painful, but needed reminder on how little we care and know about this topic:

I feel that I´ve been too serious (not saying that is a bad thing, though). So randomly switching to this adorable swimsuit:

And back to not very encouraging news:

Human contact is a luxury – Great read: “The rich have grown afraid of screens. They want their children to play with blocks, and tech-free private schools are booming. Humans are more expensive, and rich people are willing and able to pay for them. Conspicuous human interaction — living without a phone for a day, quitting social networks and not answering email — has become a status symbol“.

Be good and have a great week!


*Featured photo from here.

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  1. Isn’t it absolutely crazy that something as basic as human interaction has become a luxury? I can barely wrap my mind around it, really. It sounds out of this world that we’re paying extra in order to get something as basic and natural as this.
    It looks like we’re all addicted to some extent or another. I was at the gym a few weeks ago and I realized that I was one of the few women who actually left their phone in the locker. It was a pilates class and at some point, at then end of a specific exercise, when the trainer was explaining what we should to next, the lady next to me literally reached for her phone and started scrolling. No, it was not an emergency, I was impolite enough to peek. She just went on Facebook and started scrolling. Aren’t we supposed to reconnect our mind and body when exercising? It seems that even human contact with ourselves is becoming a luxury 😦

    As for Grey’s Anatomy, I keep watching it even though it got a tad too soap-opera-ish for me, for the same reason you mentioned: they do touch some serious, sometimes uncomfortable topics. And I think that’s actually pretty bold. Last week’s episode was really touching, I was feeling nauseous at some point and could barely keep myself from crying.

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    • My gym has a mandatory leave your phones in the locker room policy and I think that is a great idea.

      On another hand, I am not really sure why I wrote “my” gym, since I´ve only went there 3 times this year 😦 Oh yes, I know, I am paying them a lot of money. Basically, the most expensive 3 zumba classes in history :)) buf….

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