March Books.


I am late with this, late with everything, but I have a decent excuse: I was-am pretty sick. Nothing major (I think), but very nerve-racking.

Back to the point, it is pretty difficult for me to write under these conditions, but I made a promise to myself that I would. And I have 2 dedicated readers that I feel I should not disappoint 🙂 So here they are, the March books:

Sin dieta para siempre, Gabriela Uriarte

Gabriela Uriarte is a very smart and real nutritionist, an influencer if you like, but whose influence is really meaningful and useful:

I bought this book mainly because I wanted to pay back, sort of, the fact that I follow her and truly feel inspired by her ideas and her view on life, in general. I bought it on Amazon, not sure if you can buy it outside of Spain, but in Spain you can find it in any bookshop now. It is a simple, no fuss, description of general concepts on food, labels and all that and she also provides some recipes. I would recommend it for someone not very well informed or still confused in regard to this multitude of information that comes from everywhere without filter (or with too much filter). It is very basic, but very clearly explained, in “normal” terms, not too scientific, but still correct.

Troubling Love, by Elena Ferrante

I have already admitted that I am in love with this author, so I am still wondering how come it took me so long to read her (his? – I do think Ferrante is a woman, she did dismiss many times being a man, but there is a lot of mystery) first book. I find it fascinating how many different, yet on point covers I found upon searching one to insert here:

This book is not easy on the soul, I´ll tell you that. It explores some common Ferrante themes, especially the mother figure, Naples, family, powerful but troubled female character. I think one can tell it was her first book, but on another hand being so raw makes it so very telling.

There is also a movie based on the book. This trailer is a perfect summary, in case you don´t feel the need to read it 🙂

This is going to hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor, Adam Kay

Not too much to say about it….It is funny, but I guess it is funnier for people outside this field. It is also important for people from the “outside” to read this book, because it provides a clear and needed picture on what life means when you work as a medical doctor: blood, tears, chaos, some interesting stories in the end. Oh, should you have to choose, avoid the Spanish translation. It is horrendous, for me it spoiled the experience quite a bit.

The Temptation to be Happy, Lorenzo Marone

It was an easy read, which gave me major Ove vibes. It tackles many serious issues behind the apparently funny bits. I think that, should I ever get to be old, I´ll be as cynical as Cesare, the main character. Most likely I´ll also be as lonely as him, but I sure hope that I´ll not have a cat visiting me every day, because I dislike cats (and by this I am left with 0 followers, sorry! 🙂 ). Maybe that will change with time 🙂 Anyway, the writing is not bad, I would recommend it for a lazy afternoon or something like that.

So March was not life-changing in terms of literature, but I must say that reading is the only healthy habit that I was able to follow this year so far, so I am still proud of myself, even though the books this month were not mind-blowing.

That´s all from me! Bring it on, April! (Although we are almost at the half and I have only read 30 pages. But the book is so good, so, who knows….)


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  1. I’ve been trying to get my hands on “Troubling Love” for a while now. Fell in love with Elena Ferrante’s writing in the Neapolitan Tetralogy and I’m planning to read all of her (I do think Elena’s a woman too) books, even though I’m aware I won’t love all the same. I read “The Lost Daughter” last year and I didn’t find it as good as the story of Lenu and Lina, but nevertheless I want to discover her writing more 🙂 You’ve just motivated me to put it on my short list.

    Last month I read a book that I bought on Amazon for only 60 cents. I was looking for some books to read on my Kindle and this one was on sale and the cover caught my eye. I thought it cost 6 dollars and ended up paying 60 cents. It’s the best value for money I ever got on a book (excluding the borrowed ones or those in mom’s collection). It’s called “The Cast”, written by Amy Blumenfeld and I really enjoyed it. It got me thinking a lot; about choices, luck, friendship and the way that people around us can lift us up and how we can grow stronger together 🙂 I’ll leave the Goodreads link here:

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  2. You’re very welcome! And thanks to you, too! Last night I ordered “Troubling Love” and it’s probably going to be my next read 🙂 As for Elena’s column, I had no idea about this! Thanks so much for sharing, I’ve already read the first three on my way to work today, I think some binge reading is about to take place tonight haha 😀

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