Sound for Mind – Podcasts: Dear Sugars.

Here I am again with my monthly podcast recommendation.

As per tradition, the featured photo is meant to bring awareness on abandoned dogs. This month you can see Tero, such a beautiful one, isn´t he? More info on him here and always remember: adopt, don´t shop!

My recommendation for this month is a bit atypical, in the sense that this podcast has already finished, you won´t find new episodes, but there is plenty to listen from the archives: Dear Sugars.

Now, I don´t really know how old are you, the one reading these letters, but back in my days 🙂 this movement of receiving advice from a strong, wise and balanced voice was quite a thing. In my country there was a famous radio show where one could hear a lot of teenage (but not only) drama and potential solutions to that.

I am not saying that a complete stranger can heal all your wounds just by giving you a pep talk online, I guess this is why not all of this type of shows succeed. But the right person can at least provide a bit of perspective. I also find it quite useful hearing that there are many people having many problems 🙂 Makes me feel like I am not the only “weird” one around. To sum it up, as per their description:

The universe has good news for the lost, lonely and heartsick. “Dear Sugars” is here, speaking straight into your ears. Hosted by the original “Sugars,” Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond, the podcast fields all your questions — no matter how deep or dark — and offers radical empathy in return.

As I understand, this started as a written anonymous column, which later developed into a podcast. I think that was a great idea, because the voices of these two people really work like a meditation sequence, they are just so calm and simply ooze empathy.

Who: Steve Almond – fiction author, columnist, teacher and wise as an old owl 🙂 and Cheryl Strayed – you surely know her as the author of Wild (I only saw the movie, guilty as charged). She is pure awesomeness, she has so much to share, she owns her story and is so fierce, but also delicate and funny. I think it is obvious that I am a big fan.

Why: Because we all need to hear more stories. We all need to relate and understand more than just our own narrative. Because the letters are mind-challenging and soul-touching. Because these are two extremely intelligent people, who can genuinely help (They did it directly for 4 years through this podcast, but the legacy goes on). Steve, especially, makes a lot of references to books applicable to a certain topic and they are very useful. Apart from them, there were some very relevant guests throughout time. Even Oprah :), who talked about the power of saying no.

Favorite episode: Really hard to choose one. There is wisdom pouring in one´s ears with each episode. I guess I have to say the Trust your Body one. It is extremely relatable for me. An empowering and touching listen.

But the one about Emotional abuse is excellent also. And the one about Friendship. And many other. Their series of #episodeswelove is a good collection to get a glimpse on this podcast.

Hopefully more people will discover the magic of podcasts. 🙂 There is a nice selection right here on this blog, under podcasts tag. Check it out if you need ideas 🙂

Be good!


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