Mixed Recommendations of the Week (19).

Hola, Monday!

Some mixed recommendations for the week:

First, music. I discovered her last week, she is pretty awesome. She is also Romanian (I had to add that 🙂 ):

Great news: Second season of Big Little Lies is closer, available from the 09th of June. I simply loved Season 1, the plot, the acting, the action, the music. I cannot wait to see what season 2 brings, especially because Meryl Streep was added to the cast and her role is promising.

Time to stop everything, pause and just dive into this video:

From the DOR newsletter I found out about this project: The Loneliness Project, which I suggest you to explore. This is a digital space for sharing stories, focusing on loneliness. It is meant to show that we are not really alone. I like the visual structure, the stories and its purpose. Do check it out!

Now I am not one to agree with public shaming just like that, but I think some situations require intense measures. There is one Instagram vigilante shaming outrageous acts of nature destruction for some social media photos. I guess we all have some behaviors of this type, but there are some which really go over the line, for instance people allowing a dolphin to die just for some photos or even killing themselves while searching for the perfect photo. Some balance would help us all and we should all try to bring some common sense in all the nonsense.

A very descriptive summary on why it is so difficult to spot our own typos. Spoiler alert: it is because we own a brain 🙂

That´s all from me for now.

Be good!


Featured photo: Pinterest

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