Sunday in Barcelona (8) – Nolita Brunch.


Happy Easter for all of us celebrating today!

Another #sundayinbarcelona recommendation coming right at you 🙂 

As you might already know, I try to write here about the somewhat hidden places, because there are so many extra-hyped ones that are truly abysmal and, as I said so many times, I think that life is too short to just stand in line in front of a mediocre brunch place, just so that it could appear on Instagram 🙂

Hence, I am always investigating and trying to discover special things. It can also happen that I arrive late to the party 🙂 and recommend largely well-known spots, but you get the idea. It must be something worth writing about, time is precious for everybody.

And so I found out about Nolita Brunch. First thing first, it is located in Poblenou, so at considerable distance from the traditional fancy and crowded areas. Exact direction is Carrer de Llull 230.

As per their Facebook page, they serve breakfast, lunch, drinks and coffee, but I went there for brunch. Opening hours are from 09 a.m. to 05 p.m, daily.

The place itself is decorated in a simple note, a touch of old (chairs and tables), a hipsterish flavour and a lot of light. We stayed at the front window table and I have to say the best part was that I saw about a million dogs passing by 🙂

There is a lot of light coming in and the back window provides a view on a nice plaza (maybe it is not always as nice, it appeared so an a Saturday morning).

The kitchen space is open, the staff is super nice and relaxed and the place is pet-friendly.

The current menu is here:

I haven´t tried everything yet, but it is on my list 🙂 Some super important thing: they have lemonade. The real awesome one (they add a secret not so secret ingredient which is agua de azahar):

Another plus is that they bring fruits with the main courses, which is something that I didn´t see before around here:

Their “fries” are triple-cooked (Whatever that means, I don´t really know, I am a stranger to cooking myself). But they were pure yummyness:

And the cherry on the top is their famous French toast with banana bread, fruits and chantilly cream. To die for, really:

The price is fair for the quality offered. A bit above average, maybe, but worth it in the end.

Do check it out!


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  1. You had me at “I saw about a million dogs passing by” ❤ The french toast looks great too, I'll put it on my list for when I finally get to Barcelona 🙂

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