Mixed Recommendations of the Week (20).


Welcome to the weekly list of recommendations which have no connection or sense whatsoever 🙂

Hectic days around here, hopefully things will slow down a little come May.

First thing first, music. Anouk was, is and will always be pure awesomeness:

I said it many times, I am a big Brené Brown fan, hence I cannot help it, I have to recommend this Netflix masterclass, Call to Courage:

She says, as always, big and bold truths in a very personal and chilled manner. I shall give no spoilers, but as you might already know, she is all about vulnerability and courage and their powerful and intimate bond.

The only thing that baffles me is the official photo they are using for promotion. It looks like someone got blocked inside Photoshop and forgot how to sign out and in my opinion it sends the wrong message. First of all, her own self would really have been enough, but I understand that maybe some editing should be done for these official photos. But, second and most important, she sends a message of courage and owning your story and they surely did not own her story with all that editing. A shame, truly, but apart from that,!this is a must see, must listen, must learn.

I enjoyed reading this article on where 20 famous books were written. Speaking of books, a school in Barcelona considers removing a significant number of sexist books from their library. I haven´t decided how I feel about this, yet. On one hand, of course I disapprove sexism and I am deeply aware of the importance of education for our future selves. On another hand, I also think that removing and hiding books is not an actual solution. Maybe a good option would be discussing and explaining the content of the books, because in real life, unfortunately, you cannot make sexism disappear just like that and you need to learn how to “fight the fight”, sort of.

I try to bring the balance to the right spot every single day, even though I am a veeery little piece of the system. For instance, today I want to share the stories of these five women who are determined to save the environment. Or the fact that this Peruvian ballerina changes the lives of little girls from poor communities.

I´ve written a lot about the problems that the tourism without limits brings to the city and the barcelonian life. Some of the major ones are the high prices of rentals, the closure of many types of businesses and the sensation that one lives in a theme park. The Airbnb influence on all of this, the potential risks and the alternative of a Fairbnb are discussed in this piece, which I consider to be very comprehensive.

Hopefully I won´t end up sleeping in flowers, like these sweet bees:

I admitted that I am addicted to my phone, therefore I enjoy learning more details about my addiction and reading (on my phone) new information on this topic 🙂 This article provides a somewhat different perspective. And this is SO true: “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone,” the philosopher Blaise Pascal wrote, in 1654.  *Not sure if all, all the problems, but certainly many of them.

“If nature had intended the vagina to smell like roses or lavender, it would have made the vagina smell like roses or lavender,” said Ronnie Lamont, an RCOG spokesman, in an interview for the NHS website. If we were more outspoken about genital matters, women’s health and confidence would be vastly improved, even if we might smell less fragrant. This article provides very useful information, mandatory even. Why is this not an ongoing conversation, I don´t know. Education is key.

We all need to laugh a little. Our eyes also need a bit of Milo, right?

Oh well, this really turned out extremely mixed! 🙂 Hope you´ll find a tiny something just for you.

Be good and have a great week!


Featured Photo: Pinterest

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