April Book.

Yes, you read that right. Book, No “S” at the end. Life happened, so I only managed to read one book in April, but I have to say that it was a very good book 🙂 Either way, for accountability purposes, I am continuing this tradition of writing about what I read.

The book is Educated, by Tara Westover. It is very popular right now, as it should be, so maybe you have already read it or most likely already heard about it. The book received many prizes and was included in many “must-read” lists. Rightfully so, I think.

Again, I have read it in Spanish, because that was what I could find at my library, but I feel that I was missing out a bit, since the translation was maybe not perfect, or my Spanish level not high enough.

I am fascinated by the different covers that books have in each country or new edition. It shows so much about the people to whom it is targeted and also goes to point out how incredibly beautiful books are, given that they can trigger such heterogeneous responses. This it the one I read and my favorite:

But these others are so interesting also:

Now, why I thought this book was amazing and why I would recommend it to anybody: it gives perspective. As simple as that. I can also add that the story is incredibly powerful, the writing is fluid and quickly traps you inside the pages, there is an element of suspense and one suddenly finds emotionally invested in the plot, but those are just additional points beside the main one, which is, again, bringing some well-needed perspective.

It is a memoir, narrating the story of Tara, born and raised in a family of survivalist mormons, being basically denied education and health care, working and preparing for the so-thought imminent end of the world, helping her midwife and healer mother with her “practice”, living in a constant abuse, basically.

From that, Tara slowly but firmly educated herself and crossed bridge after bridge, from not even knowing what Holocaust meant to a PhD in History.

She talks about survival, power, courage, abuse, love and obviously education. She shows that extracting yourself from environments that are damaging your soul and mind is extremely difficult, but so liberating.

I am not as talented as to summarize this book in a blog article 🙂 There are many perspectives on it, so many other people wrote about it and analyzed etc., but the best way to reach its core is, duh, reading it, so just do it. You´ll be a different person once you finish it (that happens with any book, I think, but you get my point, I hope).

There were many quotes that deeply touched me, but maybe the one that sums up the whole journey Tara had is:

“You can love someone and still choose to say goodbye to them,” she says now. “You can miss a person every day, and still be glad that they are no longer in your life.” 

You can get to know Tara better (I am not always interested in finding out more about authors I admire, but this is a very special case, where I think that the book is just a small piece of an awesome puzzle) by following her on Twitter:

or on her website, where good stuff like this is getting published or by watching her interviews:

April Book became my favorite book so far this year 🙂

Featured photo: Pinterest.

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  1. I caaan’t wait to get my hands on it! I’ve renewed my subscription to DOR and I got this book in the bundle I ordered. So now I’m counting the days till I get to read it. I read so many good things about it and now that you also say it’s your favorite this year, the anticipation is killing me 😀

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