Mixed Recommendations of the Week (21).


I am back again with my weekly recommendations 🙂

First thing first, music:

I binge-watched this Netflix series:

Now, my expectations were not really high, considering what it seemed to be, but I have discovered quite a masterpiece of dark jokes, irony, plot twists and really good acting. It talks about grief and its many and complex layers. It also talks about mental disorders, if you ask me. All in all, its 10 episodes are worth your time, I think. It´s good!

This article on how eating alone has changed our diets is also worth your time. 🙂

While destigmatising solo dining in all its manifestations is liberating, our new dietary habits steer us into uncharted territory. Until now, eating in groups has been a universal human ritual. Not only is it practical (many hands make light work – and also reduce our vulnerability to predators) but meals have, traditionally, been used to meet our fundamental need for connection with others. It wouldn’t be making a giant leap to link eating alone with the current loneliness epidemic. One might also wonder if it is only a coincidence that this new phase is happening at the same time as rising obesity rates.


How many roses go into a bottle of Chanel No. 5? You can find out here (beautiful photos included).

The trailer for the new season of The Handmaid´s Tale is here and it gives me all the feels:

That´s all from me for now!

Be good and have a great week!


Featured image: Pinterest

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