Mixed Recommendations of the Week (22)

Guess who´s back, back again! 🙂 Slowly but surely I am back around here. My routine posts and my long-term ideas have all been impacted by chaos, but one has to start somewhere and here I am.

A book: Part of the hype, I am reading City of Girls, by Elizabeth Gilbert. Not sure yet how I feel about it. For my current state, it is a bit slow, but I see why so many people love it. Do give it a chance (maybe I´ll review it in more detail once it´s done).

A video we all must feel and understand, without additional comments from my side:

A song – I love Sam Smith, so bold, so special, so gifted. This video is pure awesomeness and the lyrics are incredibly powerful:

Some art:

Something très fun 🙂

Esther Perel is someone I admired for so long, but she has basically become my idol lately 🙂 (so to speak, not idol per se, you get the idea). I´ll get back, maybe, to details on this, but meanwhile I highly recommend checking this out (I also love the Smiths, I really do):

Something useful to regain a bit of control when your life seems like a mess and you cannot be bothered to perform complex activities: The One Minute Rule 🙂

That´s all from me! For now.

Be good and do good, wherever you are reading these lines from! (hopefully on a Mojito overdose on a gorgeous beach somewhere 🙂 ).

Featured Photo by Stella de Smit on Unsplash

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