Mixed Recommendations of the Week (23).

Long, long time, no Mixed Recommendations article. For my 5 followers who used to read what I was writing in English, I am back 🙂 Should you have been completely puzzled by the amount of weird articles in Romanian, I am sorry, I have entered a competition – I would say with myself, although it is a blogging one – and it takes a lot of creative energy from me. Also, I am still debating if I like writing in Romanian more than in English. Changes are most likely coming, but I felt that I owed the 5 of you an explanation, sorry for not mentioning it before, life has truly been a roller coaster in these last 6 months or so.

I felt the need to write something else than what is requested for the competition, so here it goes:

Books: I have finally managed to read Esther´s Perel books, mainly because I needed it so badly. And it truly helped. I think I would like to go into further details about her view on relationships and infidelity so beautifully and poignantly described in the books, but now I am not in the mood. Anyway, highly recommended: The State of the Affairs and Mating in Captivity. The covers are pure genius, if you ask me (*both photos from Goodreads):

I have also received some books from back home, so I have read 2 Romanian books, one which would serve Esther´s theories well – Petronela Rotar, Ajuta-ma sa nu dispar and another one which touched me a lot, because I felt identified with her trauma and journey (same author).

I am currently reading Beartown, by Frederik Backman, which is promising. I am, as always, behind with my Goodreads challenge for the year, but I am forgiving myself for that. As I said, life was not very good to me lately.

Series: Well, as always again, I had no idea Fleabag existed until they won a thousand Emmys some time ago. So I binged it. The acting is beautiful, some episodes are really funny, but it was just not my cup of tea, truth be told. I think it is relatable for many of us and the story develops quite surprisingly, but…something did not click for me. Season 1 was surely better, from my point of view.

I am watching Gilmore Girls again and I am not ashamed of saying it is the 10th time or so.

I have started Atypical and although it is quite full of clichés I would recommend it to everybody – most of us are poorly informed so even clichés are a good starting point:

I have mentioned my love for Modern Love – the column and the podcast so many times around here that it is no surprise that I adore the series. I adore it so much that I did not binge watch it fully just yet. Especially the second episode is so incredibly powerful, you simply must check it out:

Goodies await since The Crown, the gorgeous Ms. Maisel and Anne with an E are all coming to my screen soon. Can´t wait!

Random facts:

Barcelona these days:

  • Feminismes Expo at CCCB is a must
  • Not been there yet, but apparently the most wonderful Christmas shop opened (yes, I´ll go, yes, I´ll spam with a lot of photos)
  • Speaking of which, the Christmas lights are almost ready to go, I´ve seen them around town already prepared
  • It is getting colder and colder
  • I have discovered a great pizza spot (and that says a lot, I usually don´t eat or like pizza) – Ottantotto
  • In terms of great food, I also recommend Hungaryto – Hungarian deliciousness
  • I have also discovered an amazing yoga studio, so peaceful and careful with beginners – The Yoga Sanctuary. They do classes in English, if you can´t follow Spanish or Catalan.
  • Tedx Barcelona Women is coming soon. I´ll be there! 😀
  • Also, another interesting event – Cómo Como festival is happening on the 30th of November. Never been before, but I´ll go this year.

A song:

That´s all for now. Maybe this article feels a bit hurried, but I was so eager to finally share “my” stuff around here.

Be good and have an amazing week!


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