Mixed Recommendations of the Week (24).

Another week has passed, only 6 more to go until 2020, which seems unreal, right? But I am here to bring some chaotic stuff for you to browse and check.

First thing first, music. I cannot believe I forgot to share last week the new Coldplay video that I absolutely adore. Must be the age, haunting me already! Here it is (and let´s keep our fingers crossed for a new European Tour next summer):

This song has a lot of meaning, hence I encourage you to carefully and mindfully listen to the lyrics. It is from their new album, which they´ll launch on the 22th of November and Chris has spoken a bit about it here. I loved how they unveiled the names of the songs from the parts of the album (Sunrise and Sunset), via classified ads in the hometown newspapers of the band (in Flintshire, Exeter, Southampton and Fife). I know it is not the hipster thing to admit these days, but I love them, I love their concerts, I love their sound, I love their vibe and their songs got me through some really difficult times, so there you have it: I love Coldplay and I won´t hide it! 🙂

Not sure how it happened, but I started cooking a little bit lately. Instagram and Pinterest provide a huge amount of pictures and recipes and it is so easy to get lost, but I do follow some cool accounts which are really useful. I recently discovered Mark Bittman and his newsletter and I encourage you to subscribe here. Otherwise, I loved this hit´n´run traybaked chicken recipe from Jamie, I found an Italian paradise shop with lots of goodies (gnocchi, the good butter, pistacchio pesto and all the yummynes) on Calle Girona 167 and I also tried this Halloumi and Mediterranean veg traybake. Yes, I know, this is crazy, I can´t believe I am sharing these things around here. Must be the age, again! 🙂

The roller coaster of life is not always easy to manage, so I thought of also recommend resources for different low moments we all experience. People tend to ignore that life is sometimes hard, we sometimes or many times hurt a lot, we need help, we need guidance, we need to feel understood. So here it is:

Gretchen Rubin (I wrote about her podcast here) shares a lot of practical wisdom:

If you are not already reading Alain de Botton, you surely should, especially if you struggle a lit bit with emotions on relationships. This is one post I loved lately, because I think it speaks deeply to many couples:


This video also touches a very frequent issue:

Here you can read about EDMR therapy (Hopefully I´ll be able to write my own story about it soon, but not ready yet) pictured in a Grey´s Anatomy video. I think it is a spoiler, maybe, I quit watching Grey´s about 4 years ago. But I think that this has always been a major positive for the show, picturing real important issues, mental health struggles and therapies.



  • A short movie about love, walls people build and Barcelona:

That´s all, folks! Be good and have a great week!


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