Mixed Recommendations of the Week (25).

Hello, dears!

Back again with the mixed recommendations of the week.

First, music. I know you are expecting some Coldplay spam, since they had the awesome concerts for launching the album this week and they also released a new video, so who am I to disappoint you in such a cruel manner and not provide you with the goodies?

Such a beautiful vibe. Their faces! ❤

Such a delicate song, maybe their most beautiful video yet:

I am starting to feel like a DJ on a day off, but I was so happy to see that a musician who got me through some really tough times is now Grammy nominated and more people get to see how purely awesome she is…I have to share her performance. It is outstanding, I think:

Changing the topic a little bit, the featured photo´s credit goes to Mia Charro, a Spanish illustrator who describes herself as in love with magic. And you can see that, her illustrations are pure art, I simply adore her work. This Christmas series was, by far, the best EVER:

And this lovely dog was my screensaver for a while:

My drawing talent is abysmal, but I do love following gifted artists, so I´ll share my favourite ones whenever possible.

For instance, I just received my order today from _aeppol, with a calendar and the Forest Girl´s Diary and it was love at first sight (and touch, they´re soooo soft):

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D-1 <애뽈의 2020 숲소녀 다이어리&달력> ⠀ <애뽈의 2020 숲소녀 다이어리&달력>프로젝트가 단 하루를 남겨두고 있습니다:) ⠀ 어제는 제작팀에서 다이어리 본 샘플을 보내주셨어요! 표지에 금박을 입히니 반짝반짝 고급스럽고, 노출실제본으로 어떤 페이지를 펼쳐도 180도로 쫙 펴지니 좋아요:) ⠀ 요번 텀블벅 프로젝트 한정으로 구성된 다이어리&스티커 4종 세트는 프로젝트 종료 후에는 세트로 판매하지 않을 예정이에요. 그 외에도 2020 숲소녀 탁상달력과 엽서 8종세트, 마스킹테이프와 아크릴키링 모두 텀블벅 프로젝트 종료 후에는 가격이 다소 인상되거나 재고가 없을 시에는 판매가 어렵습니다. ⠀ 또한 이번 <2020 숲소녀 다이어리&달력>에 후원해 주신 모든 분들께 감사의 뜻으로 한복을 곱게 차려입은 숲소녀가 그려진 미니 신년 연하장을 보내드리니 참고해 주시면 감사하겠습니다:) ⠀ * 자세한 내용 확인 및 구매는 프로필의 링크를 타고 이동해 주세요! ⠀ #애뽈 #2020다이어리 #2020년다이어리 #2020년달력#2020달력 #애뽈다이어리 #애뽈달력 #엽서 #일러스트엽서 #신년다이어리 #굿즈 #아트상품 #텀블벅 #일러스트 #일러스트레이션 #스티커 #다이어리스티커 #숲소녀달력 #숲소녀다이어리 #calendar #2020calendar #diary#2020diary #aeppol #키링 #아크릴키링 #에어팟키링 ⠀

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Other random things to check out:

  • Finland forests are truly something else (I have the feeling I shared this before, but I am sure you won´t mind 🙂 ).
  • A research on the Inferences about homeowners’ sociability: Impact of Christmas decorations and other cues – by decorating for Christmas, people can use their home’s exterior to communicate attachment and possibly to integrate themselves into a neighborhood’s social activities.
  • Some Brené Brown wisdom, this time in Vogue. She wrote about how she dealt with online cruelty and the main idea is, as always, owning your story. Own it and love yourself. Simple, right? 🙂
  • An older piece of news, but so very important: German Circus uses Holograms instead of real animals. In Western Europe, 12 countries have a national ban on wild animals in circuses and 11 have partial, species-specific injunctions (As per data I found online). Four European countries have only municipality-level bans and two have none of all. Worldwide, approx. 40 countries have banned the practice (either partially or fully). My opinion is that wild animals should live in the wild and if that is not possible, they should be loved and protected and cared for. They are not cared for in a circus. I hope this horrible form of animal abuse gets banned forever and ever.
  • Volunteering helps our brains. Not quite a surprise, is it?
  • What would a city designed by women be like? Barcelona shows a glimpse on the answer, with topics such as toilets and traffic and sexual abuse prevention.
  • For us literary tourism fans, Rio de Janeiro holds some valuable secrets
  • Why mushroom picking is a mindfulness heaven

For all of you feeling a bit under the weather, or sad, or not enough, or just not yourself, I give you this little mixed collection of pick-me-ups (don´t read more into them than what they are, some Instagram posts. If you need real help, please ask for it):

Depression is a general term here. Depression is not something you can cure by just going outside, you need help and therapy. But some ideas here might help a little bit.
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Do you place your own limits on what you think you can have in life? 💖Here are 5 signs that you might be undervaluing yourself: . 1) You’re waiting – for things to get better or for someone or something to change. Rather than taking action you tell yourself that it’s not the right time and/or that whatever you do won’t make a difference. . 2) You tell yourself you’re not good enough. You dismiss what you’re good at and focus on your imperfections. You take your skills for granted and fail to appreciate that not everyone can do what you do. . 3) You’re not expressing who you really are. You’re scared to put yourself out there, whether that means not being honest about your unhappiness with a situation or keeping your dreams a secret because you’re scared of what others might think. . 4) You avoid situations where you might fail. Fear of failure often goes hand in hand with undervaluing yourself. With both, there’s a little voice inside that says, “I can’t do it.” If you only apply for jobs when you’re 100% qualified or you shut yourself down as soon as you start to dream by immediately thinking of all the reasons why your idea won’t work, you’re probably undervaluing yourself. . 5) You’re not taking care of yourself. It sounds obvious, but when you value yourself, you invest time in self-care. If self-care is going by the wayside, it’s a sign to stop and notice what needs to change in your life. . If you see yourself in any of these signs, ask yourself: What do I really, really want? #justgirlproject (Thoughts by @juliehoughtoncoach

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You not only survived in environments, you adapted to them. From parents who couldn’t be what you needed, to bullying, to pains that your tiny self couldn’t process. You’re still here. Never forget those past versions of yourself. You carry them with you, and they’re a consistent reminder of your resilience. Because you follow this account, you’ve chosen to go beyond the survivor. You’ve made a choice to heal. This is the most courageous thing a person can do in their lifetime. No other achievement comes close. Contrary to what our deeply confused culture continues to preach. I was the child hiding under tables. Afraid of anyone even coming into my house. At bedtime came night terrors— my parents dying of someone breaking in. My mother, carrying her own unresolved trauma, was unable to bond with me. And, in the alchemy that is the human experience, this would lead me to my life’s work. Trust the healing process. You’ll see just how much of your own suffering you create. You’ll learn that the biggest thing in your way is you and your self limiting beliefs. And that’s a good thing because YOU are the only thing you’ll ever be able to change in this life. Read that line again. Resist the ego asking “how much longer” or “when will I know it’s over?” With time you’ll understand the process itself is teaching you patience. It’s teaching you surrender. It’s teaching you how to connect to the most important voice you needed to disconnect from to survive: your own. Take a moment of gratitude below and acknowledge just how far you’ve actually come. Incase you haven’t been told recently, you are a warrior. I see you #selfhealers

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Well, I did put the mixed in the mixed recommendations this week. Some weeks are like this and I am embracing the current situation just as it is.

Be good!


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