Mixed Recommendations of the Week (26).

Ho, ho, ho, here I am with my mixed recommendations of the week, most likely the last ones for this year (if I am too lazy or hyperglycemic next week 😀 ). It will be a slightly Christmas-themed edition of the series, but not too much, because even for me – and I absolutely adore Christmas – the festive season is sometimes exhausting. So, here we go:

Music (And more)

Festive stuff:

Very festive and sparkly stuff:

Stuff for your soul (I love this song, I love it so very much):

This needs no further comments:

I am not a Masterchef by any means and for all you people not spending Christmas with your large family, at your childhood home, surrounded by tons of yummyness prepared by somebody else, I suggest this not so festive but oh so practical tutorial on Potatoes, 12 Ways. You’re welcome 😀

Something very important and useful, which I received from this awesome lady in the newsletter (highly recommended, as mentioned before around here):

About loneliness (*very interesting and relatable, as least for me – however, I am not very sure that the medical part of it is proven or very scientific, it does not really sound like it for all the mentioned points):

That’s all for now. Merry Christmas, do good and BE good!



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