I am not unlucky, I am most unusual – Anne with an E.

As you might already know if you have been here for a longer time, I simply love Anne with an E. The first book was truly the book of my childhood and has literally helped me in some of my pre-teenage, teenage and even adult drama. I am not just saying it, it is true.

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Anne is my most adored character ever, for at least a thousand reasons, some of which I’ll present in this article 🙂 We are indeed kindred spirits. The series took me back in time and I realized again how much I was inspired and influenced by Anne and how important it was for me to read that book (so many times).

I think the acting (all cast is great), the cinematography, the themes they tackle, the beautiful use of the English language…are pure awesomeness and I am ever so happy to declare Anne with an E my number 1 series (Sorry, Rory! 🙂 ).

It is educational, powerful, funny, dramatic. Did I mention I loved it?

When I heard the horrible news that Season 3 would be the last one, I was devastated. Something like that (only ten times worse):

You get the idea, the world needs more of this series and it was planned to go on for at least 2 more seasons. This is why there are still pending topics to be covered and some of the action flow was left hanging.

Hopefully, they’ll come around; I highly doubt it, but who knows? There is a petition requesting more Anne with an E awesomeness. There is also a trending hashtag on social media – #reneweannewithane – and many fans are fighting 🙂

I truly feel that this series makes this world a better place so I hope it does get renewed or something similar.

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I love you so much for trying so hard and fighting a fierce fight with your big hearts and beautiful souls. You are a force of nature. Look at this amazing artwork inspired by love for ANNE WITH AN E!! I mean, I am amazed and so grateful. I have been moved to tears so many times in the last few weeks… so many, many tears. This is my child. I birthed her, I helped her grow, I cherish and adore her. AnnE means everything to me 🧡 Please know that we fought, too. We tried to change their minds. We tried to find a new home. We tried for a finale movie… We tried our best. “Next to trying and winning, the best thing is trying and failing.” LM Montgomery said that. Either way, we tried 🧡 Art and Commerce is never an easy marriage. I often find it inexplicable. This is one of those times. But it’s impossible to argue with words like Economics, Algorithms, Demographics, etc., etc. But those words and others like them are the reason why the Networks don’t want to continue. And we didn’t find a taker anywhere else 🧡 I know you’re upset and disappointed, sad and angry — I completely understand — because our beloved AnnE has been snatched away. If there was something more to do I would do it 🧡 So now you know what I know. I guess this is a tragical romance after all. But then again love is love is love is love is love. And love is not lost when it is nurtured. We will always love our Anne with an E. We will always love Green Gables with our whole hearts and everything it stands for. They can’t take that away from us 🧡 I love you so much. Thank you for fighting and loving my AnnE as much as I do 🧡 Artwork by @emeriart and @luztapiaart #annewithane #awae #family #kindredspirits #foreverandaday 🦉🧡

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Now, I’ll try to avoid spoilers, but I won’t be fully able to, so beware, potential spoilers ahead.

Made it a bit of a goal for this year to write a bit about what I am seeing in a small notebook I carry around, but I was so absorbed by the action that I did not really write down too much.

It might seem a bit odd that a fully grown woman such as myself is so hyped about a series which might seem to target a much more younger audience. I get your point, but I have to politely disagree. Anne can inspire people of all ages and the plot evokes topics of utmost importance for everybody. Trying to sum up a bit:

Anne is brave

Yes, she is. She displays clear signs of post-traumatic stress disorder and has endured abuse, neglect and all sorts of pain. However, she is still brave in staying true to herself and her imagination, which is, admittedly, vast. She dares to dream. She says sorry when she is wrong. She is not perfect, by no means, but she does not pretend to be. She considers herself the bride of adventure. She is passionate about the causes she believes in (and she believes in many causes). She is brave enough to explore. To investigate. She is brave by going back to the place she fears the most.

The lesson I see is that being brave does not fit in a pattern others decide for us. I see that standing up and fighting small and bigger injustices is the right way.

Season 3 was full of such battles. Probably the most interesting of them all was the Indigenous story line, so important and detailed. It is a shame that we did not get to see how this line ended, due to the series being cancelled, but we could see resilience and the battle to own your story. It was highly informative above everything else, from my point of view. I am thankful for that.

Anne has found a new friend and owns an additional name now: Melkita’ulanmum, which stands for her strong and brave heart and her seeking eyes and open soul.

Other topics such as women condition and equality were touched, through many characters and it truly was a joy to watch it developing like that. We even saw girl circles, examples of sorority, examples of unfairness and subsequent handling. Exquisite!

Not only Anne is brave, Diana, her best friend, is also brave enough exploring adventures. Marilla and Matthew are brave by allowing Anne to search more information about her family. Ms. Stacy is brave by being independent and the teacher dreams are made of. Mary is brave by still loving her son despite everything. Brave characters, I tell you!

Actually, most of the characters have a lot of meaning and depth, not only Anne, so that is a definite plus.

Anne is kind

She is open to help. She doesn’t judge. She is amazed by every creature. She loves fully. She is the true definiton of empathy.

Anne shows her emotions

As we all should. We should accept our emotions for what they are and stop pretending they don’t exist. When Anne is furious, she can destroy even the most precious note she had received. When Anne is happy, her laughter brings light into a room full of people. When Anne is decided about something, people follow her. When she messes things up, she cries. It is fine to cry. It is fine to be yourself. Aren’t all these precious lessons?

Anne dreams

All the time and is not making excuses. Even when she thinks that it will mean that she won’t be able to have children, because someone said that women with an active brain are doomed in that way, she still owns her essence. Lovely!

I might have hurried when I wrote this article, because I am finding myself after a full night of binge watching it and with my soul and mind all too puzzled. I am sure I’ll see it so many times again. From my point of view, season 3 was the most complex of the series and I am a big fan of the perspective and creativity it brings.

To wrap things up, I am leaving you with some quotes-concepts-moments I found ever so interesting 🙂

  • I am unsual and I embrace it
  • I wonder how it feels to truly belong, to have such certainty in life
  • Worse than some, better than others
  • Nightmares are not so scary without the protection of dark
  • Sometimes, life hides gifts in the darkest of places
  • Caring deeply will always be the right thing
  • Aunt Jo: At my age, (the corset) it the only thing that keeps me up right
  • Life is short and the world is wide
  • Forever and a day
  • The crown shyness concept and its beauty (that is: phenomenon observed in some tree species, in which the crowns of fully stocked trees do not touch each other, forming a canopy with channel-like gaps. The phenomenon is most prevalent among trees of the same species, but also occurs between trees of different species).
  • I am not unlucky, I am most unusual
  • The Easter celebration and the prayer moment were incredibly touching
  • I loved the circle, the cake, the surprise, the protest, the dance rehearsal and the end (No details, because that would be a huge spoiler)
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How about you? Do you love Anne with an E as much as I do? If you don’t yet, let me know who is your kindred spirit in terms of series and-or literature. 🙂

Finally, a sort of gift. I am acting like a teenager, this is what I call a powerful trigger, but it is indeed a nice video:

Your most unusual,

Cristiana. With an A.

*I have no sources for all the photos this time, I gathered them around Twitter and Instagram. Sorry for the lack of details! If you are interested in this type of content, I think emeri with an i is great. Many photos in this article are retrieved from her creations.

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  1. You made me curious about Anne with an E. I didn’t know there was a book. I keep seeing it on Netflix and I like the presentation, but I didn’t give it a change. I will because of you.
    You have a beautiful soul if you appreciate this kind of things. And if you talk about them.
    I really love Gilmore Girls. Or I did. I still do.
    And Star Trek with captain Jean Luc Picard. I am not weird 😉

    Best wishes for the new year!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hope you’ll like it, do let me know!
      There are more books, it is like a saga sort of speaking, I received the collection as a gift, soooo beautiful, there are 8 books but I remember that I only had 2 as a child…. other era 🙂 The best one is the first, I think 🙂 Thank you for your words and have an amazing year!


  2. Before reading about it on your blog, I think I had faintly heard of the book. I must admit I haven’t read a lot of classics (or a lot of books, for that matter) and, for some reason, in my mind “Anne of Green Gables” and “Tess of the d’Urbervilles” were melting into one another 🙂 But then I read about the book and series on your blog, so I went on Amazon and bought a pack of 7 of the books (for some reason, one of them is missing) in kindle format, for a ridiculous price of 1.18$.
    I’ll make time to start reading them, see if they’re for me or not 😀 Thanks for the recommendation!

    Liked by 2 people

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