Month: February 2020

Weekly Mixed Cuentos (3/2020).

Hello! Here I am once again with some weekly mixed stories. First, music. I had it on repeat lately, love it: Grab all the tissues around and watch this: In other news, Ikea became the first retailer to let the customers pay using their time. I think that […]

Books of January.

Now that March is almost here, it is the perfect time to finally write about the books I read in January, right? #flawlesslogic 🙂 I thought a lot about what should I write around here and what would be at least a little relevant and I guess books […]

#Let´s Talk Tuesday – Nu a fost vina ta!

Atenție! Acest articol conține informații referitoare la abuzul sexual, ce pot fi sensibile sau dificile pentru unii dintre cititori. Azi, postez un alt articol pe care l-am scris împreună cu prietena + colega mea pentru proiectul nostru Copil Emoții Răspuns Corp, proiect pe care vă încurajez să îl cunoașteți și […]

Weekly Mixed Cuentos (2/2020).

Hello, there! It seems very counter intuitive that I continue to name these articles “weekly” and we are almost in March while I am still writing the second article of the year from this series, but I’ll stick to it – for tradition and motivation, at least. Without […]

About unconscious bias.

I have attended the IESE Women in Business Conference yesterday and despite wondering basically all day long what I was doing there, I think that in the end it was a day very well spent. For starters and on a very superficial note, the venue where it took […]