Weekly Mixed Cuentos (2/2020).

Hello, there!

It seems very counter intuitive that I continue to name these articles “weekly” and we are almost in March while I am still writing the second article of the year from this series, but I’ll stick to it – for tradition and motivation, at least. Without further blablabla, here I go:

I have, of course, to share the new Coldplay video, directed by Dakota Johnson, who apparently is a bad director as well as a bad actress 😀 Just kidding (or not?). Now, for me to admit that I don’t like something from Coldplay, it has to be a duo with Rihanna 🙂 (I hope I won’t be left with 0 subscribers after admitting this). But this video is really….common. It does own the good music (I have thus discovered the amazingly talented Jacob Collier), great image, beautiful vintage-dusty vibe, but the story is just…meh. Something I feel I saw a million times already. Anyway, as “common” as I see it, it is still a piece of art, so check it out:

The new season of My Brilliant Friend is live. I adored the books and I don’t remember what I wrote about the first season of the series, but now I think I adore the series also. Check it out, even if you didn’t read the books. But also read the books, because they are THE BEST!

What would an article on my blog be without me recommending some Esther Perel wisdom and magic? Hacking suspicions would arise, so I need to invite you to check out her Unsent Letters project. For me, the most interesting and touching one was about Healing after Betrayal (I wonder why….).

This photo series aims to provide us with an entry to the magic of discovery in a child’s imagination by showing little treasures in the pockets of a preschooler. It reminded me of a game we used to play back in my childhood, due to which I always carried something green with me, all my pockets were full of grass. I was very competitive even back then! 🙂

I enjoyed reading this essay debating if we are different people in different languages. I think we are! It is extremely difficult for me, for instance, to be angry in Spanish, the “bad” Romanian words creep out like an evil potion when I am extremely furious. What about you?

Artemisia Gentileschi was a painter we should learn more about. Not only is her name extremely poetic, but her paintings were as bold as they come and she managed to overcome prejudice.

The cutest thing ever: a man created a stick library for dogs in a park. Sooo cute!

Time to grab some tissue and watch this Oscar winner short film (if you haven’t already for 100000 times. But even if you did, I am sure you’ll want to watch it again!):

And, the anxiety and other stuff corner (remember, Instagram won’t heal you. It can inspire you, but if you need help, please find professional help. These are just random things which I liked lately):

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*Featured Photo by Vincent van Zalinge on Unsplash. I post a lot of content related to owls around here, yes. Should you suffer from owl phobia, apparently called Strigiformophobia, I am really sorry. But I think they are so interesting that I am not really sure I’ll ever get over my owl period.

Have an awesome week! Do good and be good!



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