Weekly Mixed Cuentos (3/2020).


Here I am once again with some weekly mixed stories.

First, music. I had it on repeat lately, love it:

Grab all the tissues around and watch this:

In other news, Ikea became the first retailer to let the customers pay using their time. I think that by paying things with money we earn by investing our time in our work, we still basically pay by time, so why not go directly to the point, right?

These photos are balm for soul. I mean, what more can I say:

An artist illustrated mental disorders using just paperclips, hoping to promote awareness. I think they are brilliantly clear. For instance, one of mine (PTSD):

This article talks about a very important exhibition picturing an even more important topic by depicting clothes of rape victims. Read it!

Finally, my weekly collection of anxiety and related relieving Instagram posts. Remember, as always, that therapy is the right answer and Instagram can do as much as inspire you. Don’t try to find cures on social media, get help when you need help.

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Fear can prevent us from the change we so desperately want. When an abandonment/rejection wound is at the wheel, we might feel like we’re just not ready for the relationship we desire, the friendships we crave, the types of intimacy our hearts yearn for – but the only way to grow, is to lean into the discomfort and give ourselves a chance. That doesn’t mean magic will happen instantaneously. It doesn’t mean the wound will dissolve, or even that we won’t be rejected or find ourselves coming up against a familiar pattern. Healing takes time. But one thing is for certain – healing doesn’t happen when we feed our fears and hide from all potential upset or hurt. We are wounded in relationship and we heal in relationship – not just romantic connections, but all forms. Each person we are drawn to can be a teacher for us. Every time we feel the need to cling, seek approval or validation, or work hard to win love – we are invited to return to ourselves with a deep self-nurturance. We learn how to self-soothe and can begin to make healthier choices. Susan Anderson, author of the Journey from Abandonment to Healing said to me “We grow THROUGH each other”. And what a beautiful truth that is. As human beings it is very natural to want to avoid pain, and desire connection. Healing in connection means we learn we don’t have do it all alone, nor can we rely on others to be our main source of safety and security. It is the process rebuilding a sense of security within ourselves, and opening a dialogue with our most vulnerable and tender parts – our inner-child. As we let the most innocent parts of ourselves speak and then tend to them with loving and nurturing action, we begin to unwind from the old self-defeating patterns of hiding, isolating, pushing love away, or letting fear lead. You are beautiful, lovable, worthy and no better or worse than any other being on this planet that craves connection and safety. You don’t need to be perfect, you are ready now. Trust the process and don’t let your fear stop you from getting where you want to be. Words @sheleanaaiyana . . . . . . . #relationships #innerchildwork #recovery #selflove #emotions #healing

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That’s all from me for now.

Have a great week! Be good and do good!



Featured photo from here.

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