Weekly Mixed Cuentos (4/2020).


Back again with some mixed cuentos.

First, music, as always! Jessie Ware is one of my favorite artists ever, especially because she is the voice of a certain poetic song which is very important to me. Thus, I was so happy when I saw her new song. I, once again, adore the lyrics:

On the Netflix and Chill front, I saw some mental health inclined shows lately. I have to recommend this one:

It is weird, but funny, tragic, but touching. Loved it! The only downside is that I somehow realized that I finished high-school 16 years ago!!! Mind-blowing, really.

Another recent Netflix discovery is this stand-up show – I normally don’t enjoy stand-up, but there are some which I consider very funny, this is one of them:

I truly wanted to avoid the Coronavirus topic, but I think some interesting points can be noticed in this article on managing fear during these times:

“Dillard advises people to “turn off the politicians and go to the CDC website. Pay attention to the scientists. Don’t listen to people who believe it’s their job to amplify the threat.

Geller suggests doing whatever you can to feel in control of the situation. Take the precautions that the health authorities suggest, such as frequent hand-washing. Boost your immune system with healthy habits and activities, such as regular exercise. Stock up on food and water, just in case the authorities order you to stay indoors for a while.

Actions can be empowering, and thus counteract fear, at least for a time. So can deciding against taking certain steps, such as posting unverified information. By now, we all know about the importance of not touching our eyes, nose, or mouth. We might also want to keep our fingers away from the “post” button.


“Once the world feels like a dangerous place, where bad things can happen any moment, fear knows few limits.

There is, however, art even in the infectious disease world:

These photos of animals looking like they are about to drop a new music album are everything and more. I especially like The Pop Trio Owls, to nobody’s surprise 😀

And, finally, some 08th of March relevant posts:

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Amapolas, hoy en el post del mariblog (os dejo el link en mi perfil) he querido rodearme de mujeres. De mujeres llenas de ilusiones y talento. De mujeres luchadoras, trabajadoras, profesionales. De amigas. De hermanas. Mujeres feministas a quienes admiro con todo mi ser. Mujeres en quienes creo con toda mi alma. Mujeres que me han apoyado como yo a ellas (espero haber estado a la altura) Mujeres con las que la palabra SORORIDAD se me queda corta y mundana. Así que como todos los días, pero hoy de cara a la galería, las protagonistas son ellas. Mis hermanas de vida y de lucha. Os las presento, que para eso estamos aquí: . 🙋🏻‍♀️@soledadmena es la autora del texto del post. Amiga y compañera desde hace 5 años. Es la culpable de que se me vaya la fuerza por la risa y desde que la conocí hemos compartido este día. Me ayudó a dar visibilidad a mi trabajo cuando todavía no sabía que esto se iba a salir de madre y ahora yo le ofrezco un espacio en mi blog y otro en mi corazón. Te quiero, moreni. . Y para no extenderme en cada una de ellas, que sabéis que puedo ser muy pesada y me vais a mandar a la mierda, os menciono a las mujeres que hoy ilustran el mariblog: . @drei_ly , @marronbru @melaniab_ilustracion , @evaramoss , @cris_valencia , @olayacaldera (perdona Olaya que he tenido que cortar tu maravillosa ilustración, en el blog se ve completa) y @thalia_eme ( lo mismo para ti, Thalía, en el blog se ve entera ☺️) . Todas ellas mujeres maravillosas a las que llevo en el corazón. Sigamos luchando, hermanas. Nos vemos en las calles. . #8m #diadelamujer #feminista #feminismo #empoderadas #mujeres

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Be good, do good!


Featured photo: Pexels

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