Weekly Mixed Cuentos (5/2020).

I am back with the weekly mixed cuentos. I call them weekly because I sometimes like traditions, not because that is accurate in any way, maybe only in an alternate Universe.

I don’t feel like talking about what is happening right now. I actually feel that many of us should pause for a tiny minute, at least, before providing their take on the current situation, because I have never read so much nonsense everywhere. I would be able to provide facts and relevant data, but I simply find myself suffocated in the middle of this information pandemic, at least for now, both physically and mentally.

I also don’t consider it important to urge you to read 70 books, subscribe to an extensive yoga training, meditate for 8 hours daily in the sound of laughing unicorns, bake 10 breads weekly, write your own novel, clean the house 3 times and diet meanwhile because we all know that the worst thing that can happen to us now is to gain some weight, right? But please do any of that if YOU want to.

I feel, however, that it is mandatory to remind you to please, please, please, pretty please, gather information from reliable sources, take good care of you and everybody else and stop it already with the delusions, the wannabe epidemiologists and blame game.

Now that I explained what I won’t be writing about, I’ll tell you what this article is about: anything and everything meant to keep your mind busy or your soul happy or your thoughts running.

First thing first, it appears that spring is here. Some proof from a place I call home and I miss dearly:

Then, music, of course. Love the singer, the song, the lyrics, the vibe:

In the Netflix and Chill area, there are some jewels I have discovered lately:

Derry Girls – For some history and some laughs.

Outlander – I know, I am late to the party. I would not call it a masterpiece in terms of script or logic, but it does recover in other aspects, such as generating adrenaline, outstanding actors and the scenery 😀

Unorthodox – For this I truly have no words. It is mind-blowing on so many levels. Shira Haas is an extraordinary actress. And I think it will plug in some wires in your brain, should you choose to watch it.

Other random stuff:

It seems I cannot write anything without mentioning Esther Perel, but the lady is once again delivering wisdom on our screens. Check it out. 🙂


And this:

A very interesting read about “Typhoid Mary“, sadly still relevant today.

The first lines of classic novels written in social distancing times are here and guaranteed to steal a smile from you 🙂

Especially for the anxiety community, which most likely gathered additional members this time around – welcome to the anxious side, dears! – some little things that might help:

Some mesmerizing animations to help you BREATHE!


An emergency kit for anxiety in a podcast episode, here.

And this:

That’s all for now. Do good, be good and stay safe!

Hugs (virtual ones, duh!),


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